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    Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

      ... I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to comment and write of all the things they really enjoy about Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is a post that may or may not have already been put up before by someone else, and that's fine. I do not know and so I am starting one.


      The challenge isn't only to think about and mention what you find fun or enjoyable about Ghosts, the challenge is also to not attack the opinions of others while trying your best to stay within topic. Speak only about the positive things you have found in Ghosts but feel free to say as little or as much as you'd like.

      We have read more than enough already on so many negative things on here and this forum has become a place where most people find it easier to fight to no end over opinions than to seek mutual ground.


      Let's try something different for once, even through the release of Devastation. (pun intended )

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          Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

          Nice post!, im very excited for the new dlc.  I love call of duty ghosts. I like the various things it offers, mp, squads, extinction, clan wars.  I like the clan wars and winning in-game content (bodycount, warcry) to use while playing mp! The game is very fun, exciting and fresh.

                There are a couple of little things that make me like call of duty ghosts also.  This may not seen like much to some but to me it means so much. I lost a very good friend of mine I had for 11 years right before ghosts came out, i lost my good friend, my cat to KD (kidney disease).  I know he was just a cat but he meant so much to me, had been with me through a lot of ups and downs and even drove with me across the country 3 times, to move, as i chased a racing dream in Las Vegas.  It was very hard on me, when he died, and i needed something to take my mind off it and ghosts was the thing and just came out. It helped me a lot, to not just think of him and be depressed all night, it took my mind off him for awhile.

                He was a black and white tuxedo cat, and ghosts logos are black and white and it just reminds me of him in a good way. I also got to name one of my squad members after him, and that was nice. When they dropped the space cats camo that was a very cool and made me smile a lot, and remember him in a good way. So i just say thanks to IW for the game.

               People play video games and ghosts for many reasons, to some of us its more than just a game. Thanks to anyone that reads this and i miss you jules, RIP.

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            Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

            Nice one thaesino.


            Well I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I like the slightly slower pace of Ghosts, I like the diversity of the map sizes and the fact you have to play more tactically rather than just running around spraying an SMG.  There are small maps like Free Fall or Strikezone for that, and then at the other end Stonehaven or Stormfront. for snipers, there really is something for everyone.


            On my loadouts I have 2x SMGs, an LMG, Assault rifles and for the first time in a COD game I even have a sniper rifle, (I'm crap but getting better) and I'm pretty much using them all each day.

            I'm no where near the best player on here, I'm pretty average in my stats but I am extremely adaptable in how I play and what gun I can use, I think this goes someway to me being very happy with this game.


            Maybe that's the key to liking Ghosts, adapting to the game rather than hoping the game will adapt or be changed to suit you.

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              Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

              I love the larger maps that give me the opportunity to proper snipe.

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                  Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

                  Yes, I am with you on this one.


                  Maps like Whiteout, Stonehaven, Prison Break, and some others, if you know how to use them right, were a GIFT for the "hardscoping" sniper players. I'd even say they also helped out those who enjoy using the Marksman rifles and the LSAT or M27 LMGs, since they have pretty long ranges and you're not under the threat of being killed before you can pull out your gun and aim on time.


                  The I.E.D. and the Motion Sensor also help tremendously on this matter, especially, as commonly found, when being used simultaneously.

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                  Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

                  Like others, I enjoy the slower pace.  I adore amplify. Lol.

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                    Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

                    I love that I am rewarded in this game for being more thoughtful and tactical, rather than in past games where being methodical and thinking about my next move was punished due to people flying around the board at lightning speed.


                    The fun for me is in the challenge.

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                        Re: Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...

                        Good point. In some of the past games people flying around or having super melee knifing skills made the game quite difficult to play for those with a more tactical approach.


                        Ghosts certainly allows for the use of more of the items provided. As someone else already mentioned, you actually feel like you want to try out all the different weapons and not stick to the one class you've been perfecting since Modern Warfare.


                        It's a slap of fresh air.

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