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    Very Lopsided Games and Newbies

      I've finally made my Ghosts multiplayer transition from the 360 to the One over the past couple weeks. I played mostly Core TDM on the 360 and have noticed this in Core TDM on the One.


      One of the biggest observations I've made are more frequent games with the outcome being heavily lopsided. The winners are dominating and the losers being demolished. Of course there were games like this on the 360 but it seems to be much more common since I made the transition. And its not like its a bunch of randoms vs clans or big parties. Maybe a couple friends but for the most part randoms on both teams.


      Something I also find encouraging, is the amount of new players I see entering multiplayer. I know the population on the One can certainly be considered lower than what we're accustom to over the years with past titles. For the amount of newbies I see, its kind of surprising especially for March. Maybe some of the promotions Ghosts has been offering are working. ??


      Does anyone else out there notice these observations? And if you do, are there any reasons you can think of for the occurrences?