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    Update for anyone randomly kicked out of clan.

      So I started this journey close to a month ago. It all started back in 1989... lol Na over 3 weeks ago I got on ghosts to find myself kicked out of my clan on my barracks, and classified to my clan members. Clearly a screw up on call of duty's side. I think maybe it happened when they updated the app, maybe it kicked people out, because this is at the same time it happened. I lost all clan patches and couldn't get clan war uniform earnings. I stand before you all today to gladly say, the problem has been fixed. I have been in touch with acti support every day for weeks I tell yas. They have come through. So for anyone going through this problem, be patient. keep hope my friends. It just may work out in the end.

      Here are the steps I took to get it fixed:

      Go to the support tab at the top. Get into chat with an Activision Support person. They are going to ask you your gamer tag, what system you play on, pictures to prove what you're saying is true. I had to provide proof that we won the clan wars I said we did, and that the items were truly locked. This won't be something that can be handled fast, you have to be patient. They will email you, you'll have to update your case like every 3 days. Good luck!

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          Re: Update for anyone randomly kicked out of clan.

          I Have seen numerous post with this issue including yours. Here is where you should go into detail on the timetable and what you did in detail of how you got it resolved so that some may use your post as a link for those going through it now... Also wouldn't this be better served in the ghosts clan discussion or the ghost support forums? I'm just saying . With the frustration that you went through wouldn't you have liked to  read how someone else went through it to have it resolved?

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