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    confidential roster clan leader?

      A few days ago our clan leader was marked confidential on cod ghost for PS3 on the cod app and on the physical game itself.  Our leader has no power as in game it says he is still in the clan for anyone else but for him it says he is not in one.  On the app it says he is not in the clan at all.  I sent him a invite again on the cod app which he accepted and it now took away all his camos and achivements.  And the leader is still marked as confidential.  This is becoming a real problem as now that we have been in diamond division and need to edit our roster we have no power to do so.  And as more invites come in and people become in active we are now in a 30 clan member bracker and have about 16 active members.  We have tried unlinking his account and re linkiing with no fix.  Please need help we would hate to disband and remake as this would take us out of diamond division and we already have 2 wins in it.

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