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    (Lv17) [DTO3] - Death To Our Enemyz Clan Is Recruiting (Ps4 & Ps3) - Apply Now !

      Clan Info:


      Death To Our Enemyz started out 2 weeks before Clan Wars "Antarctica", When it started this was our first war so we were placed in bronze division but we came together as teams and we won.


      We are a Uk based clan but does not matter if you are not from the uk you can still apply. We are looking for players to join the Ps4 Division.

      You are more than welcome to apply for the Ps3 Division also. We are a laid back clan looking for casual players to enjoy playing ghosts in clan wars and general gaming.


      Clan Name: Death To Our Enemyz [DTO3]


      App name: death2our enemyz


      Clan Level: 17

      Website: www.dto3-clan.co.uk

      Facebook: www.facebook.com/dto3clan



      • No K/D Ratio Requirments - We give every one a chance.
      • Be an Active Player during clan wars & general gaming.
      • Be Active on website
      • Must use our Clan Tag [DTO3]
      • Enjoy just having fun
      • Mutual respect for team members and opponents.
      • A functioning  microphone for communication
      • You must be active atleast 3 / 4 of the 6 day clan wars unless you notified a leader.
      • No Trash Talking among each other/Racism/Threatening/Over-Cursing
      • No Rage-Quiting/Clan Hopping
      • No hacking, boosting, or trolling


      How to join:

      There are many ways you can join us in the battle.

      • Join Via Call Of Duty Ghost App, Search for - death2our enemyz  and apply. - If you apply via app can you post here to let us know what division you are applying for. (for website purposes)
      • Website Click Here
      • Join on PSN, Look up the names below for which team you would like to join.


      PlayStation 3 Division:



      PlayStation 4 Division:




      • Or leave me a reply on this forum and i will contact you.