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    [PS3] Clan; "Apex Predators!" Recruiting! LVL 15, Platinum Division. 1 K.D & 48HRS PLAYTIME - MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

      Clan name: Apex Predators!

      Level: 15

      Division: Platinum

      Gold clan tag: Apex

      Minimum requirements: 1 K.D and 48 hours playtime


      Hello all, I am looking to expand clan Apex Predators!

      Originally we started as a group of 4-5 friends from the UK who have been playing COD together since Black Ops, we now have 30+ members on our roster from regions within Europe, U.S.A, Canada and Australia.


      Our aim is to expand the clan to around 50 members as we want ALL our members to have other clan members to play and chat with. Due to the inconvenience with time differences, we are lacking numbers as of yet. Our goal is to have a party online at all hours of the day for clan wars. Hence, our clan is becoming increasingly diverse with players from regions in different time zones.   


      If you are a small clan/group of friends who would like to merge with us, we are interested.



      - Must be friendly and respectful towards all other clan members. None of us are difficult people to get along with; we don't expect you to be difficult with us.


      - Loyalty is key. We are NOT looking to recruit "clan hoppers" who are only interested in gaining clan unlocks by contributing nothing.


      - As previously mentioned, the original members have been playing together since the original Black Ops, so for over 3 years. We want our new members to interact and make themselves known with the rest. DO NOT apply if you're not willing to become part of the team!


      - You must be an active COD Ghosts player. This doesn't mean you must play 24/7; days of not coming online is understandable and we will be understanding of your other responsibilities, but please let us know of anything via the clan chat on the Ghosts app. We do not want strangers in our clan.


      - 1 K.D requirement minimum

      We do play to WIN games so you are required to play the objective as a team player.

      You are expected to have an exceptional amount of gun skill. We're aiming to recruit experienced, above average players and we want to build a respectable reputation as a solid team.


      - Mic is preferred but not having one will not stop you from being accepted. We will start a text chatroom to talk in game if you do not have a mic.




      If you feel like our team is for you then search Apex Predators! via the app, OR add and message me on PSN: QH_09 

      You can also message our EUROPE LT commander OoElit3xGam3roO or our USA based LT commander EveOfTheEnd33 for a faster response.


      Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you soon.