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    Do-able features that would make me happy.

      Underline = Important


      1.  The restriction of equipment usage while the riot shield is in front of the user or the reduced effectiveness of the reflex perk when using equipment with the riot shield.


      2. Reduction of the riot shield's scan radius or the decreased amount of scans per minute.


      3. Range buff to the FP6 and Tac-12 shotguns.  Minor range buff and damage to the MTS-255.


      4. Shotguns no longer suffer greatly with a suppressor equipped.


      5. Added initial sway (wobble sway) when zooming into the sniper rifle's scope;  The sniper scope's black cross-hairs will land in a more unpredictable area.  (essentially bringing back the quickscoping gimp from Black Ops, but the effectiveness of the gimp is greater if the sniper ADS's while moving quickly and reduced is the sniper is in the crouching or prone position).


      6. More camo options in the near future:

      *Solid Colors Pack

      *Metallic Colors Pack


      7. If a player has the same support killstreaks selected for multiple classes, switching to those classes with the same support killstreaks will not reset the currently earned score tally to zero.


      8. The general sounds of footsteps (without dead silence or amplify) are significantly reduced.  Dead Silence now grants immunity from Amplify (except when a player makes a hard landing).  Amplify's effective distance significantly nerfed, but has an added feature that quiets the sound of teammate's footsteps (like MW2's Sitrep Pro).


      9. Stalker's point value to equip reduced to 2 points, or Stalker's 3 point value has the added ability to delay proximity based explosives (IED & IMS).


      10. Bug fixes to the Air Superiority killstreak.  Possible buff to the killstreak that disables enemy aerial killstreaks from being called in for a limited time.


      11. The Infected game mode should have more weapon variants that constantly change during the the months.  While the bulldog class is classic, it's become very boring.  Players can no longer remain in "choose a class" in order to avoid being the initial infected (they can still be chosen as the initial infected before choosing a class).  If the player chosen is inactive, they will be kicked after 30 seconds (timer starts when players can choose a class).


      12. Fix the (possible) bug that prevents infinite sprint via marathon when a user is wielding a combat knife as a primary weapon (I believe this happens in Infected).


      13. Possible game mode DLC that returns classic game types, such as Drop Zone (with no falling care packages), Capture the Flag (improved rules that speeds up the mode and makes it more interesting), and more.


      14. Blitz game mode updated with new rules:  Each of the two initial rounds are spent with one team on defense and the other on offense.  The defending team has to guard the single goal that re-locates to a random area multiple times during the round.  When the zone appears in a new area, it has a 10-15 second inactive timer.  The team that scores the most wins.  Overtime is decided in two rounds and the zone does not re-locate.  If a team scores one point, the round ends.  The next round's timer is based on how fast the first team scored the goal.  The team with the fastest goal time wins the overtime.  Increased score granted to the player for defending the goal (score increases for defending is based on the enemy's proximity of the goal, such as 30ft, 20ft, 10ft, 5ft.)


      15. Removal of Hunted from the online playlist.


      16. 10-12 player FFA, or maybe even a temporary 18 man FFA (for certain larger maps).


      17. Thermobaric grenades can instantly destroy ground based streaks ie sentry guns, IMS, SATCOMs.


      18. Added challenges, player patches, backgrounds, and uniforms via DLC.


      19. Falling care packages can no longer kill friendly teammates.


      20. C4 equipment can no longer explode in mid-air (has to land on a surface in order to detonate).


      More to come...



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          Re: Do-able features that would make me happy.

          I know this will come off as a snide reply, but I honestly do not mean it as such. When people post topics in here, like, "This is how to make the game better....", are they posting in hopes that Activision or IW will see there post of suggestions, or are they simply seeing how many people will agree with them? Also, does Activision & IW even consider the thoughts that so many take the time to post, in this type of setting (an internet forum)? I only ask because it seems like everyone has an idea that would "save the franchise", when I have yet to see a post from either company asking us for our input.

          I take the game as it is, not what I wish it were, and try to adapt to what is given to me, and create a style of play that I feel I can be somewhat successful with. That being said, I don't have any changes I wish to see in the game.


          I will say that your list was very well thought out, and I like some of your ideas. However, I do not want any of them implemented solely due to the fact I would rather adapt my play to deal with what you present as problems, as opposed to asking a developer to force the x-million other players to accept a monkey wrench getting thrown in after they developed a style with what they were given.


          Thanks, and again, I enjoyed your post, but it made me wonder more about whether or not Activision and IW even care about the thoughts of their audience.

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              Re: Do-able features that would make me happy.

              The title of the topic should give away the detail that it's something that would make "me" happy.  Therefore, I cannot be accused of trying to save the game or improve it for others.


              Also, I don't see many of the changes to be ground breaking to the point where it changes the entirety of the game's structure itself.  I see it as small and simple additions that wouldn't be noticeable, but at the same time beneficial.  Some ideas are more noticeable than others, but they have good intent upon balancing key issues (like the riot shield equipment usage and quickscoping).


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              Re: Do-able features that would make me happy.

              i would say target finders radius but the maps arent designed right so you'd get heaps of campers etc

              thermal should add more stability

              kick perk or attachment

              another perk slot worth at least one

              agree on riot shield ideas

              maps with say 3 flank points rather than 5 directions an enemy could come from

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                Re: Do-able features that would make me happy.

                Gotta disagree with you on buffering the air superiority, its harsh enough as it is. maybe just have it 30secs you cant call in an air streak or something?

                thermos to take out ground streaks would be abused by every sore loser out there, emp grenades were overused on bo2


                maybe they should make a few diff versions of each mode eg domination without support streaks for eg

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                    Re: Do-able features that would make me happy.

                    Ajaffaroo wrote:

                    thermos to take out ground streaks would be abused by every sore loser out there, emp grenades were overused on bo2


                    maybe they should make a few diff versions of each mode eg domination without support streaks for eg

                    EMP grenades had that large radius that could destroy equipment from a mile away.  Thermos do not have that ability.  If they are not correctly thrown, the explosion will damage, but not destroy set groundbased streaks.


                    Domination without support?  Why?


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