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    Regarding Skylanders Collection Vault on iOS

      Dear Activision,


      First: Why is there no support for the iOS Skylanders Collection Vault software?  There's no "space" for it in the Support Forums, it is not listed with the iOS software as far as searching for assistance, and searching the forums produces nothing, period.


      Second: Where do you report bugs with the software?  The "+" symbol for adding character codes to the collection disappeared with the latest update.


      Next problem: I'm getting an error message when I attempt to enter the codes for some of my figures that say the "toy is not supported" in the application.  I'm talking about several of the figures that are actually listed in the application (i.e. Super Gulp Pop Fizz, Ninja Stealth Elf, and Knockout Terrafin from SwapForce; Twin Blade Chop Chop and Blizzard Chill from Giants). 


      Finally: Why, for instance, do several figures who's codes I have put into the app, still show I don't have the figures in my collection, when I'm holding the figures, their trading cards, stickers, and codes in my hand?


      I've got to tell you this is incredibly disappointing that a support/management app for game I've spent so much money on (three games across two platforms (XBox 360/One, and Nintendo 3DS), plus the iOS Battlegrounds package with the Bluetooth portal, not to mention literally hundreds of figures at between $10-$17 each) seems to be so unimportant that Activision can't even be bothered  to provide a support avenue for it... let alone an actual phone number where you can speak to a human being.


      Let's get on the ball here and recognize this app.  Support this product.  Help with the problems.


      I'll await a response,


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          I am not able to add quite a few of my security codes also..

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            I've updated the app and now I CANNOT update ANY of my skylanders!

            I Would suggest activision stop spending all its time on COD and help fix its other titles!

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              i am not able to add ANY of our SKYLANDERS, and we have ALL but two of the variants.... Gold fire kraken, and one more I can't remember. I love the idea of putting them in the app but it will not take them.  The codes or the portal...


              PLEASE HELP! my son is very disappointed, and with super chargers coMing put, I would LOVE to see this fixed and updated with those characters.


              ALSO will the yawn traps be available or not, getting mixed answers from forums, but nothing from activision...  I have two, just need the light trap and don't want to pay $500.....

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                  Activision has really dropped the ball in n this one, and ignored it's faithful customers!  purchasing additional characters and being able to track your collection only generates additional revenue for them, but the app hasn't worked for ANYONE since July, and they ignore it.  And with Skylanders out today, none of those characters have been added to it...  And on Twitter, they ignore every mention of it!  Read the reviews on the app for the last two months!  It is almost comical how every one is the same; "cannot add any characters due to "error".  Guess Disney Infintiy is a better option at this point, since they at least fix their bugs and errors!