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    Huge numbers of cheats on PS4 Ghosts

      I just read a post on cheats and read where you claim to be
      working on these cheats. All I have to say is you must either be blind or
      really not care. It is so easy to spot the cheats and there are as many as five
      or six obvious ones per game. How do I know? Well you see when you really
      prestige at level 60 your ranks is frozen there and these advertised
      undetectable hacks didn’t evidently take this into account, therefore there are
      many player at 16, 30, 40 whatever rank even as low as 6 that have prestiged
      several time. DUHHHHH and funny thing they all are super players killing 40 50
      60 80 people with 2, 5 11 deaths wow really hard to spot. So why don't you just
      set up hackers rooms and let them play there and in fact lock them in those
      rooms so honest people like me can play a fair game with other honest people
      with moral fiber and good character?  Or
      else open up all the benefits of the hacks for all of us. I myself am having a
      tough time justifying buying any season pass this time around and if it gets any
      worse buying any more Call of Duty games. Especially seeing it is so simple a solution
      to either separate cheats and honest players or go in look at the rank and
      prestige and boot or reset them every time you catch them, but don’t tell them
      how you know.

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          Re: Huge numbers of cheats on PS4 Ghosts

          Greetings lsdsr,


          Thank you for taking the time to share you concerns with us! As gamers ourselves, we've seen how these types of players can impact a match. Please rest assured, the Online Security Teams at studio, is investigating and addressing all reported players. With a large amount of players worldwide, this process might not yield instant results, and your patience and reporting efforts are much appreciated. Should you find such players advertising hacks, please be sure to report them and the proper studio teams will take it from there




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