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    .::GhosT FleeT::. Level 23 Clan with Gold Clan Tags (All Players with a 1.0 K/D Welcome to Apply)  [XBox 360, XBox-ONE]

      .::GhosT FleeT::.


          We are looking for new members for our clan. We are a Platinum Clan that has already Won 5 clan wars and have a K/D ratio of 1.26. We have 10 members right now and are looking to expand. We are a level 23 clan with Gold Clan Tags and need more players across XBox 360 and XBox-ONE. Most of our members play late at night or bright and early, since most of us work all day. A lot of East Coast and Midwest players. We could use some players that play in the daytime and will be free for clan wars.


           We play all game types and excel at Hardcore games and core Team Deathmatch.  Would really enjoy it if we could get some more players on the XBox-ONE so more of us can play together.  We play well as a clan and rarely lose. There are still half of us on the 360 but are switching to the One soon. We still have a few members on the 360 but could use more so there are more of us to play together. Thanks to the interest our 360 clan is picking up steam.


           What we are looking for:

      • Players that are on at least 3 days a week (Active Players)...more if in a clan war.
      • Have a 1.0 k/d ratio
      • Ghost app for communication and to see what we are going after in clan wars
      • Have a mic or use party chat and kinect (Since Xbox One hasn't made the adapter for the headphones yet...come on Microsoft )


           No players under 18 please...most of us are students

      or parents ourselves.

           You can either message me @ ghostfleetclan@gmail.com 

                    or go on the Call of Duty Ghosts app

                     and type in Ghost Fleet in the search

                     and we will get back to you ASAP! 


      GT XboxOne: XDaXShadowX GhosT FleeT Commander