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    "The Hooligans" (360/X1) - Casual Hardcore Clan (Gold Division)

      Enjoy HC modes? Join "The Hooligans" clan today to meet and play with other HC players, compete in Clan Wars to unlock additional gear and equipment, and expand to those still seeking clans and prefer to play HC. No K/D requirements. However you MUST be willing to play with the Clan especially during Clan Wars week. Any awards we share as a clan, we earn as a clan. We are very active and were placed in Gold Division. We also value players that are good at various Core modes to help us with Clan Wars, but don't mind playing HC as well.


      Update (12/10):

      Took first place in week 2 of Clan Wars, earning several patches, the Triad redicule and the Body Count camo. Jump in and help us go for the Body Count Mask!


      Update (12/14):

      As Christmas approaches,  many folks are anticipating their upgrade to Xbox One. We would like to extend our interest to recruiting X1 players as the clan experience is cross-compatable. Join today!


      Update (12/18):

      To keep track of who's on which console, and just to have a little more hands on ourselves, here's a custom Clan Roster:

      The Hooligans Clan Roster - Google Drive


      GT: II Mister J II

      GT: TitusEpic


      - How do I join the clan?

      You can apply for the clan in several ways:

      1. Search for "The Hooligans" clan via Call of Duty app.

      2. Send me a message via XBL and be sure to watch your Clan Invites in-game.