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    [PS3] [US] Recruiting players who have good knowledge of spawn points!

      Sup gamers, I'm starting a clan and I'm looking forward to decent gaming clan mates who are in to pubstomp. As the Leader of "HitMens Crew" I for sure have minimum requirements!

      Rules within the Crew:

      1. There is NO age restriction, being mature is vowed upon our clan mates. Any abuse against this rule will get the boot INSTANTLY

      2. Mic or no mic, A PLAYER IS A PLAYER, we will communicate in someway shape or form to have the best gaming experience

      3. KDR is nothing but a mere achievement for which every man knows that W/L ratio is where it is at! high W/L ratio equals high standards for those who join.

      4. Over all have FUNand ENJOY Call Of Ghost!

      About the COD app:

      Check out Hitmens Crew and apply to the application, I personally will check it and with the right standards accept it.


      About the Clan:

      "Hitmens Crew" is known to be a massive group of Hit mans who shoot to kill and is not known to many people due to the fact they are Silent and Deadly. With our motto "Shoot To Kill..." i have coordinated our clan tag as [187]. For curious matters 187 is a code used by police officers to show case a murder or death, it is then used publicly as a distress call or internet slang to threaten someone. As of now we only have [6] members thus including me. I know them personally and because of that unique standards it is something i value within a growing clan & We are slowly but surely leveling up with that said, "Hitmens Crew" at this time we are currently level [3]. I take this seriously and if your here to have fun,socialize and pubstomp, but anyways I'm one message away from accepting you to the crew. So why not try?


      To get a hold of me please message me on psn "Trollality" saying you want to join. Or for a faster response please shoot me a message on KIK username is "Trollality". If you are interested and have questions or any tips/tricks please contact me via messages


      You can also respond here but it will be a slow response...