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    Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (8/5/14)


      We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!

      Aug. 5, 2014


      Killstreak Balance.

        • Vulture now lives for 90 seconds (in line with sentry gun).
        • Juggernaut buffs.
          • Assault movement spead increased 15%
          • Support movement speed increased 5%
          • Assault/Support Juggernaut now have focus perk
        • Loki buffs.
          • Large rod can now be fired every 4 seconds instead of 7
          • Rod fires at 1.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds after trigger pull
          • Small rods now fire at 0.3 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds after trigger pull



        • Added ability to name teams when using broadcaster mode.
          • Added team name to playercard when in spectator mode.
        • When eSports rules are enabled for SND on Strikezone, the non-destroyed version of the map is now always used.
        • Removed d-pad helper icon when in first/third person spectator mode.



        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fix for SND round not ending when an entire team has been killed.
        • Fixed issue where player could trigger a 10 second cap instead of 5 after stepping off and on a neutral flag.
        • Fixed issue that allowed players to see enemy positions in the options menu minimap during the killcam.
        • Improved patch unlock requirements UI:
          • Added patch, quip, and unlock requirements.
        • Fixed persistent “NEW” icon that would occur with extra loadouts.
        • Updated safeguard to send out a standard notification of a kill.
        • Fixed rare end of match crash.
        • Hunted Victor Operation fix: works better with gun game, previous fix only allowed top player to get credit, now we allow top 3 (consistent with FFA).
        • Hijacker Operation fix: operation would get stuck at tier 2, it now rolls properly back to 0/10 tier 2 for players.
        • Fixed an issue where bots in reinforce would not leave a flag after capturing.


      New Features

        • Added reset stats option for max prestige players.
        • Added new menu music for Extinction and MP.
        • Updated the hitmarker color to orange when it's the killing hit.
        • Added leaderboards for Drop Zone and Reinforce.
        • Enemy Oracle pings now show an orange Oracle symbol on the player hud, indicating they are outlined.



        • Tooth bonus pool now offers one bonus tooth per day.
        • Engineers can now fire their pistol while repairing the drill.
        • Engineers no longer take damage from traps.
        • Balancing updates for the Death Machine.
        • Feral Vision no longer displays the colored overlay.
        • Deployed launcher ammo refills now receive more ammo.
        • Players running the Pistols Only relic are now excluded from the “Purchase a new weapon” challenge.
        • Fixed issue where background award did not unlock after level completion with a Relic.
        • Improvements to the Vanguard logic in Awakening.
        • Updated door logic for Ark interior sequence in Awakening.
        • Fixed the gas exploit on Mayday.
        • Fixed the Drill exploit on Mayday.
        • Fixed issue in Chaos mode where players would T-pose.
        • Fixed issue with Seeders being included in Seeker challenges.
        • Balancing updates for all maps.

      July 1, 2014



        • Spawn system has an improved ability to select better spawns when valid spawn locations are limited.


      Weapon Balance

        • One shot to the body and one shot to the head is no longer a kill for ARs, SMGs and LMGs. Increases time to kill in this scenario


        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.


      Additional Fixes

        • Replaced Hunted victor operations and requirements to work with Gun Game.
        • Fixed 60 second match timer that could occur after playing a clan public playlist match then starting a Private Match with CODeSports disabled.



        • Player class is now displayed in game above players’ heads along with their gamertag.
        • Kastet rounds now explode at any distance.
        • Fixed an issue where players that exceeded 10 minutes in Chaos mode would get lulls
        • Fixed drill not respawning at last place picked up after falling off the map while carrying it.
        • Fixed Gargoyle getting stuck in the air.
        • Fixed issue that allowed the player to use an IMS with a propane tank to teleport outside of the map.
        • Challenge adjustments and fixes.
        • Balancing updates.
        • Various bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
        • Kills are now correctly displayed on the Player Stats comparison screens



      June 3, 2014



        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.


      New Features

        • Golden Knife: Faster melee weapon available at prestige 5.
        • Golden PDW: Automatic firing secondary available at prestige 10.
        • New Multiplayer lobby music.



        • Reverted changes associated with the Grenade Turret
        • 5 new Relics
        • 5 new Prestige Ranks


      May 13, 2014



        • Improved FFA spawn logic.
        • Improved TDM/KC/Cranked spawning logic.
        • Updated Blitz spawn logic for online matches.


      Weapon Balance

        • Bizon
          • Reduced headshot multiplier: No longer allow for 1 body, 1 head shot kills.
          • Max and Min damage range reduced.
          • Slight increase to kick.
        • Vepr
          • Aim down sight time faster. Now in line with other SMGs.
        • CBJMS
          • Max and Min damage range reduced.
        • IED
          • Damage reduction always applied when the player is jumping, crouched or prone. Removed IED position check relative to player.
        • Thermobaric Grenades
          • Now do 1/2 max health in hardcore modes.


      Killstreak Balance

        • Squad Mate - Reduced Accuracy & Fire Rate. Swapped Weapon to mp443.



        • Update to DOM to allow 2, 5 minute rounds for eSports playlist, and with eSports mode in Private Match and System Link.



        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.
        • Fixed elite clan tag spoofing issue.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fixed an issue where the Tracked Operations and Progressed Operations loadout builder would not properly select items.
        • Added popup message if a user tries to join on a blocked user from the recently met player list.
        • Fixed an issue where the New Icons for heads/uniforms/etc would appear in private match.
        • Fixed new icon to only appear on the "Heads" button when you have new heads of the gender you're using.
        • Improvements to map voting.
        • Fix In Game Store Image Stuttering when moving between images.
        • Fixes hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.
        • Adds proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.


      New Features

        • New Game Mode - Reinforce:
          • Reinforce is a competitive round based game mode. When a player is killed that player will stay out of the game until someone on his team captures a control point. There are multiple ways to win. Capture and hold 2 control points, wipe out the enemy team, or capture all 3 flags for an instant victory.
        • Gun Game
          • Final kill now requires a throwing knife kill.
          • Players can scavenge throwing knives.



        • Reduced the usability window of other items when deploying the Riot Shield.
        • Drill logic improvements.
        • Grenade Turret adjustments.


      Apr. 29, 2014


      Weapon Balance

        • MTAR-X: Reduced head-shot damage multiplier.



        • Restrict DLC weapons for clan v clan & esports mode.



        • Fixes dock exploit area in Whiteout.
        • Fixed map exploit on Freight so deployable boxes no longer stick to the gate.
        • Fixed map exploit on Warhawk so deployables no longer stick to the fence.
        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.


      Additional Fixes

        • Adjusted Domination spawn logic to make it less likely for defenders to spawn near a flag if it is being captured.
        • Fix for 4096 error.
        • Fix for wiretap perk to work properly in Hardcore modes.
        • Fixed issue that classified non-sliding kills as sliding kills if the user died mid-slide.
        • Fix to default killstreak highlight to last one selected.
        • Fixed issue that allowed the user to navigate menus while accepting a clan invite.
        • Fixed flare audio after player leaves helo gunner.
        • Fixed hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.
        • Added proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.
        • Fix to properly show a popup dialog if a user tries to join on someone from the recently met player list that is a blocked user.
        • Added killcam for Night Owl deaths.
        • Fixed character scene offset causing misalignment of some characters.


      New Features

        • “Chaos Mode” for Extinction.



        • Stability and performance improvements.
        • Fixed challenges that were providing more than one skill point.
        • Casual mode does not write to leaderboards.
        • Fixed issue where player models could appear stuck when taking large amounts of damage at once.
        • Improvements to drill placement logic.
        • Armor is now invulnerable when the Tank Class skill is active.



        • Late joining, spectating and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the final Breeder fight if triggered without them.
        • Fixed case where players could prevent the Breeder from spawning on Nightfall.



        • Improved alien navigation and pathing.
        • Improved wall and ceiling navigation for aliens.
        • Updated Kraken smash and cool down logic.
        • Fixed ingredient issue where some combinations prevented creation.
        • Fixed cases where players could not turn a Rhino into a pet when using a Relic.
        • Improvements to clipping to prevent players from getting to undesirable locations.
        • Improvements to the Tesla Traps behavior.
        • Improved clipping to prevent players from placing the drill in undesirable locations.
        • MAAWS stability and tracking improvements.
        • Drill cannot be removed from the Drillbot after being placed.
        • Replaced the Drill waypoint icon after completing the defend from afar sequence.
        • Late joining, spectating players and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the Kraken fight if triggered without them.
        • Improvements to pillage locations.
        • Deployed items in the lower portion of the ship are removed allowing for new item placement on the top deck of Mayday.
        • Friendly Seeder Turrets no longer prevent the gas sequence from triggering.
        • Intel audio snippets now play in game after being collected.
        • EMP effect from the Kraken  no longer impacts skill point menu access.
        • Fixed crafting scoring exploit where players would mistakenly receive funds when canceling crafting.


      Apr. 8, 2014


        • Added killstreak point rewards for KC, DOM and Grind game types to promote objective play:
          • KC: Half point rewarded for collecting tags.
          • DOM: Half point rewarded for changing a flag to Neutral, and another half point from neutral to Captured.
          • Grind: Half point rewarded for each tag banked.

      Apr. 3, 2014



        • Fix for the infinite tactical grenade glitch.
        • Drop Zone added to the playlist.


      Weapon Balance

        • All submachine guns except for the MTAR-X and the Ripper received a min damage range increase.
        • The Bizon and the CBJ-MS received a max damage range increase.
        • Preferred Weapon calculation fix.
        • Fix for an exploit where players could put Muzzle Brakes on weapons with integrated silencers.



        • Fixed a minor bug where the loadout restricted icons didn't update for clients when MLG rules are toggled.



        • Fixed out of map exploit with sat com and ballistic vests.
        • Fix for exploit in Sovereign.
        • Fix for exploit in Freight.
        • Fix for rock penetration exploit in Whiteout.
        • Fix for the mod that could change the killstreak classification from Assault to Support.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fix for killcam hitching on Fog.
        • Increased PS3 performance when killstreaks are used.
        • Fixed an issue where the Friends List button helper appeared in a menu when it should not have.
        • MP Level up sound update.
        • Fix for the player’s match summary screen.
        • Ammo crate bug fix so you no longer improperly drop your weapon.
        • Fix so the player won't experience a black screen if a Helo Pilot is called out while watching a killcam.
        • Fixed an issue where unlocked squad members would only have a knife.
        • Dog killstreak icon will now be a wolf when the wolf guard dog skin is selected.
        • Improved bots behavior when using melee killstreaks.
        • fixed bug to Prevent jugs from collecting equipment that they can no longer deploy.


      New Features

        • New Multiplayer lobby music.
        • Added the ability to build loadouts based on operations, or completely randomize them.



        • Memory optimizations to improve performance.
        • FX optimizations to improve performance.
        • Slowed down Seekers by defaulting to walk initially before they run at players.
        • Improved difficulty balancing across solo and co-op.
        • Fixed issues with container spawns not always triggering.
        • Introduced the Alien Armory and the collectible alien “Teeth” system.
        • Updated attachments privileges for the M27 and LSAT.
        • Adjusted the solo hardcore Nightfall difficulty.
        • Adjusted the offset positions for some of the weapons to better align them with the bottom of the pillage locker.
        • Fixed some locations that allowed players to pick up/purchase items through geo.
        • Moved some scavenge items that were clipping into geo and unobtainable.
        • Updated the solo and co-op hardcore difficulties.
        • Updated the hardcore challenges to better reflect what challenges should be triggered and where.
        • Adjusted the spawn table to prevent aliens from spawning in undesired locations.
        • Reduced the melee damage of the Phantom in solo.
        • Fixed lobby focus issues with entering and exiting videos.
        • Update the “Long Shot” challenge for Nightfall.
        • Fixed FX issues with flares not always displaying the green FX.
        • Fix conflicts between a placed IMS and some traps.
        • Fix issue for late joiners so that they could contribute to active challenges.
        • Pet aliens can no longer cause the “Melee Only” challenges to fail when they kill an alien.
        • Players no longer see weapon based challenges when the “Pistols Only” Relic is active.
        • Fixed case where if a user holds the ADS button while they fire a Venom-X gun and continued to hold the button the grenade explosion and effect would be invisible. (Nightfall and Mayday)
        • Fixed case where some challenges were awarding multiple skill points.
        • Cleaned up logic for deployable items between hosts and clients.
        • Fixed host migration issues with locker keys not displaying in the HUD.
        • Last stand icon no longer shows in coop games after being revived.
        • Included Rhino kills on the “Kills” leaderboard.
        • Fixed spawning animation issues after a host migration.
        • Integrated new lobby music for each map.
        • Disabled the ability to activate special abilities while controlling the Trinity Rocket.
        • Removed Burst Fire as an attachment for locker weapons.


      Mar. 4, 2014


      New Features

        • Allow Free Fall to be available for everyone.
        • All challenges are now active operations at once.
        • Main Menu layout update.
        • Update to Gold Camo tracking. Now shows how many camos left to unlock Gold.
        • Added Hunted Free For All leaderboard.
        • Added Weapon Operations to the Operations menu.



        • Removed tracker sight exploit on Warhawk.



        • Prevents players from inappropriately modifying 'kick' messages.
        • Anti-cheat tool updates.



        • Made changes to Clan v Clan: Remove bomb timer sounds, and restrict Ghillie suit use.
        • Fix for not allowing people in an eSports system link game from viewing third person.
        • Fixes issue where CODCaster icon was erroneously showing up for remote players on a private match client machine.
        • Fixed issue that could cause a user to get booted for repeatedly changing classes during match.
        • Fixed issue where preset camera buttons were not working while the fullscreen map is up.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fix to destroy planted explosives if they are placed on top of a care package and then care package is claimed before explosive.
        • Fix for players that switch teams to see correct colored notifications when their allies use kill streaks.
        • Fix KD history not updating in team matches that expire on time.
        • Fixed the title only displaying the first two characters of the user's gamertag in a Private Match lobby when that user does not have the same map packs as host.
        • Fixed weapon information in Player Card to allow proper weapons to be seen in clan details.
        • Fixed minor graphical bug related to UI rendering.
        • Various bug fixes regarding non-active controllers following invites.
        • Fixed a thermal sight issues that could allow the user to skip the raise animation.
        • Fix for player "Time Played" category overlapping text.
        • Fixing issues where guest accounts can open the leaderboards menu.
        • Fixed an issue where the challenge "Sponge III" was not tracking as expected.
        • Fixed an issue where the XP points popup showed for kills in killcams.
        • Fixed issue where monthly/all time filters didn't work for the squads leaderboards.
        • Fixed rare instance where player is unable to call out a killstreak or care package after earning.



        • Casual mode added to Local and Solo matches - limited achievements available and no leaderboard posting.
        • Hardcore Mode added to Local, Solo, and Custom Matches for Point of Contact and Nightfall.
        • Numerous fixes to Nightfall.
        • Reduced the radius for Explosive Ammo.
        • Fixed a cash exploit while dropping money.
        • Fixed a bad location on Nightfall for one of the Stay in the Marked Area challenges.
        • Nightfall now properly tracks "Mission's Completed" on the Player Card.
        • Point of Contact and Nightfall Leaderboards now both properly track Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  The columns were reversed in previous TUs.


      Feb. 20, 2014


      New Features

        • Added leaderboards for Gun Game.
        • Added functionality to view the clans of remote players.
        • Allowing soldiers to invite to clan in Call of Duty App.
        • Added extra loadout slot support for Call of Duty App.
        • Added link to the store from customization submenus.
        • Added diamond clan icons to clan details page.



        • Fixed lag that could occur when host rapidly changed classes.
        • Fixed crash that could occur when player is killed while controlling a vehicle killstreak.
        • Performance improvements for modes using bots.
        • Fixed loss of controller issue that occurred when second controller signed in after a non-signed in first controller tried accessing the store.
        • Host migration optimizations.
        • Fixed lost connection issue that could occur when lobby breaks after accepting the game invite.
        • Fixed reactive motion jitter issues with local split-screen players.



        • Overall anti-cheat improvements.


      Weapon/Perk Balance

        • Patched 3rd person throw animations for explosives when using the Riotshield. This change moves the shield to the side exposing the thrower to attack.



        • Removes delay for lobby member broadcaster icon when enabling/disabling it.
        • Fixed a bug where MLG spectators couldn’t see enemies shooting on the minimap.
        • Fix null string translation bug found when playing eSports rules coming out of spectate.
        • Fixed cycle players button not functioning when the mini-map is displayed.
        • Fixed issue that caused the eSports rule set header to carry over onto the system link menu.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a user enters into a private match lobby.
        • Killstreak count is correctly maintained across rounds in SD/SR/Blitz.
        • Fixed some spawn issues specific to Stormfront.
        • Fixed broken operations (must play one ranked game to fix data).
        • Rebalanced spawns on Ignition.
        • Improved spawns on Whiteout.
        • Fixed issue where players can make the bomb disappear by planting on top of their IMS/SatCom, then destroying the placeable.
        • Fixed the progress bar improperly displaying "contested" if 2 players entered the flag's capture radius, then one player left or was killed.
        • Fixed rapid fire popping animations that would occur when deploying an IMS or Sentry then immediately pressing up on the d-pad.
        • Fix Infected bug where PDW was not shown initially when spawning in.
        • Fixed text overlap when highlighting clan vs clan playlist.
        • Fixed sign-in issues that would occur when accessing the store with different controllers.
        • Fixed error with Clan Roster menu.



        • Fixed issue where some camo’s were not applied correctly in game.
        • “Escapes” leaderboard is now displayed in the correct order.
        • We now track Armory level completions as “Escapes” on the Escapes leaderboard.
        • Undiscovered Truths achievement now unlocks properly.
        • Fixed issue where players would sometimes switch back to their pistol after reviving players.
        • Removed an audio buzz that played prior to an intel clip starting.
        • Fixed issue where aliens would disappear during the final Breeder fight.
        • Fixed case where the locker key that had been collected did not show up in the HUD.
        • Fixed Breeder sometimes not attacking players.
        • Updated the egg throwing logic for the Breeder to improve engagement.
        • Updated the final battle logic with the Breeder for when it is injured.
        • Fixed some challenges:
          • Turned off Phantom in the air challenge.
          • Changed where the “kill Seekers before they explode” challenge appears.
          • Fixed issue where challenge ring would not appear for “Stay in circle” challenge.
          • Marked aliens” challenge no longer marks “pets” as targets.
          • Reordered challenges so there will be enough challenges using the pistols only Relic in solo in Nightfall.
        • Fixed issue where intel collected would read “0 out of 13” instead of “1 out of 13”.
        • Made improvements to how intel is tracked globally across maps.
        • Fixed issue where splash message would sometimes not appear when scavenging.
        • Solo play balancing fixes in Nightfall first Breeder battle.
        • Fixed an issue where outro movie would hang if other players readied up while the move was playing.
        • Fixed some map exploits in Nightfall.
        • Fixed an exploit with the deployable money feature.
        • Fixed issue with voice location callouts playing during the Breeder fights.
        • Fixed issue with voice over playing when players are in last stand or when a player has died.
        • Added Relic bonus to the post game score screen.
        • Improved the reliability of triggering the Nightfall Easter Egg.


      Jan. 28, 2014


      NOTE: PlayStation 3 update scheduled for Jan 29th.


        • Killstreak count maintained across rounds in Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue and Blitz.
        • Shorten countdown timer for Clan v Clan playlist.
        • Extinction alien balance adjustments.

      New Features

        • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Gun Game replacing Heavy Duty.
        • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Adding Hunted FFA.
        • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Add eSports Rules to Clan v Clan (except friendly fire), and 1-4 persons can join.
        • Added Heavy Duty health options to Private Match.
        • IED damage adjustment based on player stance and IED location (for damage reduction: jump over IEDs below you, go prone for overhead IEDs).
        • Added Operation progress bar to the After Action Report that pops up after MP matches.
        • New MP lobby menu music.
        • Social feed addition.
        • New stick layout options for Southpaw.
        • Disable party chat in Search and Rescue, Search and Destroy and Infected.
        • Added 5 new Prestige Ranks to Extinction.
        • Customization for player appearances (Create a Soldier) added to Extinction.


        • Fixed Sniper animation issue that could break the viewmodel.
        • Load time improvements for Flooded, Strikezone, Warhawk.
        • Fixed a couple bots related performance issues.
        • Fixed loss of functionality issue that would occur when two crates were stacked if player attempted to capture bottom crate.
        • In Private match, disable “Start Match” if party members are missing selected map.
        • Fixed rare case of incorrect bot display amount in Private match.
        • Various spawn improvements.


        • Prevent players from using more loadouts than normal.
        • Block users from sharing camos and reticles that aren’t previously unlocked.
        • Anti-cheat prevention improvements.

      Weapon / Perk Balance

        • Dead Silence/Amplify Adjustment - Dead Silence completely silent including equipment, sliding, and footsteps. Amplify users can still hear a scaled down version of the footsteps and sliding sounds.
        • Slight AK12 Increase on view kick.
        • Adjusted reload times on L115 and USR.
        • Reduce burst fire cool down of MSBS.


        • Removed stalls caused by the host changing loadout in eSports games.
        • Silent plant, silent defuse in Search and Destroy.
        • Added killstreak count to eSports scoreboard.
        • Improvements to MLG Broadcast mode for highlighted players.
        • Added Domination flag capture bar to Broadcast mode.
        • Added R3 to toggle enemy player outlines in Broadcast mode.
        • Prevent eSports players (except COD Caster) from switching to 3rd Person Spectate cam.
        • Added ability to select players when mini-map is enlarged in eSports.
        • Fixed FOV issue that occurred in Broadcast mode.
        • Fixed functionality issue that occurred if both thumbsticks were pressed while spectating a mantling player.
        • Fixed issue which kept eSports rules enabled after losing internet connection.
        • Add notification when spectated player gets a kill in Broadcast mode.
        • Fixed text overlap bug that occurred when mini-map was enlarged.
        • Better team identification in the MLG hud.
        • Fixed killfeed color bug that occurred for spectators.
        • Prevent crashes when COD Caster changed teams quickly.
        • Restrict Ghillie Suits when eSports rules enabled (replaces with different game models).
        • Fixed a Broadcaster Mode bug where the preset camera indicator wasn't getting reset between rounds.
        • Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode.
        • Added team names to in-game scoreboard for Broadcast mode.
        • Restrict Tracker Sights in eSports rules.
        • Restrict Danger Close in eSports rules.
        • Additional Broadcast mode fixes (better team identification in the HUD, simplified Scoreboard toggle, etc).
        • Additional eSports fixes.

      Additional Fixes

        • Adjusted difficulty of slide based operations.
        • Reduced lean, point blank & rescue reticle challenge requirements.
        • Search and Destroy bomb plant and defuse timers no longer wait for the weapon swap before starting.
        • Fixed matchmaking issue in Squads.
        • Display new icon in Operations when re-rolling Operations.
        • Fixed rare cases of losing Sentry Gun killstreak when killed while placing.
        • Menu fix for Operations.
        • Fixed bug that would show improper time value in match countdown timer.
        • Maniac, Juggernaut Recon and the Michael Myers are invisible to tracker and thermal sights.
        • Fixing bug where the playercards in Squad Reports were only updated if you went into the friends list or squad mode first.
        • Defaults loadouts correctly reflect the actual loadout in Private match.
        • Free For All scoreboard adjustment.
        • Fixed Trinity Rocket cancellation issue.
        • MP Lobby improvement for Character Display.
        • Combat Knife stats accuracy improvement.
        • Fixed friends list shuffle that would occur for clans that had members across platforms.
        • Killcam no longer goes underground on Warhawk.
        • Improved audio ambient system in Multiplayer.
        • Fixed Squads issue that would change mode icon when playing with a split screen guest.
        • Fixed core playlist selection reset issue.
        • Private match loadout bug fix.
        • Additional customization options added for Infected in Private match.
        • Improvements to Infected game mode.
        • Optimization to generic UI elements.
        • Fixed issue that could occur when squad member had specialist set as streak reward.
        • Fixed minor VFX issue.
        • Fixed under water killstreak exploit.
        • Increased XP earned from completed Operations.
        • Fixed issue that occurred when leader would leave clan.
        • Fixed Bromance Clan Op issue.
        • Fixed viewmodel loss issue in Safeguard.
        • Fixed rare challenges issue in Safeguard.


        • Fixed issue where some achievements could not be earned when moving from current generation to next generation platforms.
        • Optimized some FX to improve game stability and performance.
        • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where black/white overlay would remain on screen.
        • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where laptop could not be put away.
        • Improvements to the "Leper" challenge so that it appears closer to players.
        • Added "COD Account" selection to the Extinction menu to improve account linking for Extinction players.
        • Fixed bug where the "Death Machine" could obtain specialty ammunition.
        • Fixed issue where players defaulted to pistol after revival.
        • Fixed issue with accepting invites from custom Extinction matches where players would lose menu focus.
        • Fixed issue where double XP was not resetting when going into solo, custom or split screen lobbies.
        • Added a double XP icon to the Extinction lobby for when double XP is active.
        • Fixed trophy issues where players could not plant any more trophies even though it had not been depleted after throwing a hypno-knife.
        • Fixed issue where Feral Instincts would not default back to normal view after it depleted.
        • Added the rank and icon to the Extinction end game scoreboard.
        • Fixed issue where challenge timer would not appear when joining a game while a challenge is active.
        • Fixed issue where Relic bonus was not appearing in the end game scoreboard.
        • Balancing tweaks to the Sentry Gun and Death Machine abilities.
        • Added ranks to the in game splash  notification message when a player ranks up.
        • Added player Patches to splash notifications for deployment items.
        • The Riotshield icon now tracks ammo while the shield is stowed.
        • Fixed issue where players would have no weapon on ladders.
        • Fixed issue where players would lose their weapon after getting off a ladder.

      Dec. 23, 2013


      New Features:

        • Heavy Duty mode.
        • 5 squad points granted to each soldier at the initial 5 levels of progression.
        • New loadouts added to Infected mode.


      Weapon Balance:

        • Reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus perk for Sniper Rifles.
        • ADS speed reductions and further adjustments to Sniper Rifle settings.


      Additional Fixes:

        • Field Order adds 100xp on pickup.
        • Fix for unlimited perks.
        • Invisible exploit fix.

      Dec. 13, 2013



        • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to launch a Hunted FFA match.
        • Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
        • Fixed black screen issue that would occasionally occur in clan wars bonus playlist.
        • Fix for a rare bots crash.
        • Improved operations functionality.


      Weapon Balancing

        • MSBS Range reduced.
        • MSBS no longer 2 shot kill to arms and lower legs (rewards accuracy).
        • Fire rate on MSBS and Burst Fire Attachment reduced.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fix for past title entitlements not appearing properly.
        • Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
        • Fixed inconsistencies between SP and MP for a few patches and backgrounds.
        • Fixed rare issue with blinking objects (IED, SAT COM) if player left shortly after using.
        • Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
        • Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
        • Menu optimization for clan wars.
        • Fix for going to the store from the create-a-soldier menu.
        • Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
        • Fixed bots so they can open doors (Warhawk/Freight).
        • Fix for splitscreen issue when going to the store.
        • Blitz bug fixes.
        • Host migration timer bug fixes.
        • Fix for potentially not showing the in game "controller removed" popup.
        • Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
        • Fixed a couple bugs with the new icon.
        • Fix to clear unlock data when leaving post game lobbies to prevent seeing online unlock in offline modes and vice versa.
        • Added scrolling animation to social feed ticker.
        • Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
        • Fixed long pause when enabling eSports mode after returning from non-eSports game mode.
        • Fixed a bug where the bomb planting bar would flash when spectating someone who planted the bomb earlier in the match.
        • Added icon to indicate bomb carrier on scoreboard in eSports mode.
        • Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
        • Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
        • Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
        • Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
        • Fixed animation issue when pressing RT before riotshield was out.


      Nov. 26, 2013



        • Improved performance issues caused by spamming.



        • Fixed crash in CODeSports play.
        • Fixed spawn crash for specific maps/modes.


      Additional Fixes

        • Fixed a few map specific spawn issues .
        • Fixed lobby migration closing the create a class screen.
        • Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
        • Fixed dog's extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
        • Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn't equipped.
        • Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
        • Fixed issue when selecting store from squads.
        • Fix to remember spectator team when switching to freecam in broadcaster mode.
        • Fixed issue with loading into specific maps with ghost mask equipped Fixed a few map specific spawn issues.

      Nov. 21, 2013


      New Features

        • #CODeSports option added, providing further MLG support; Contains a Broadcast mode and the ability to enable the latest MLG ruleset in both online Private Matches and System Link.



        • Fixed a rare crash when quitting out of an MP match while calling in a squad mate with a riot shield equipped.
        • Fixed a rare private match stability issue, which was occurring when a playlist update was published.
        • Fixed a crash which occurred when renaming a loadout as the match was starting.
        • Fixed a crash when the host of a Wargame match could crash if they are pulled out of the match while in a 5 player party.
        • Fixed an MP Siege rare crash on load.
        • Numerous other MP in-game stability fixes.
        • Fixed a rare crash on load.


      Key Changes

        • Further spawn logic improvements.
        • Fixed a spawn exploit where players would always respawn at their team spawn within the first 15 seconds of a game, even if an enemy was nearby.
        • Increased XP rewards slightly for Operations and early tier weapon challenges.
        • Added leaderboard for Search and Destroy game mode.
        • Numerous map exploit fixes in MP and Extinction.
        • Numerous Anti-Cheat fixes.
        • Fixed collision bugs on multiple maps.
        • Care package stacking exploit fix.
        • Increased Search and Destroy XP to give 10x XP instead of 5x XP.
        • Search and Destroy, now has its own online playlist.


      Additional Fixes

        • Improved character models rendering, when viewing players with the Gryphon.
        • Accuracy fix for the Preferred Weapon Stat on the Player Stats lobby page.
        • Spectator movement improvements.
        • Further support for the COD App.
        • Clan tags no longer missing a bracket when viewed in-game.
        • Dedicated server bug fixes.
        • Fix for seeing empty player name when joining a game in progress.
        • Reduced upwards velocity when performing a melee charge.
        • ADS while moving in a remote turret is now allowed.
        • Dog no longer twitches when player is too close.
        • Ping for bots now returns a more accurate 0ms.
        • Fixed a very rare issue where the left pistol could shoot two bullets instead of one.
        • Vehicle explosions sometimes did not appear in killcams; fixed.
        • Disable the create clan button when the service is unavailable.
        • Added error popup to the Call of Duty Account button when the service is down.
        • Added an error message on the Clan section of the Friends List when the service is down.
        • When losing internet connection, then attempting to modify a loadout's perks, the game now returns you to the main menu.
        • Balanced the Focus Perk's view-kick scale.
        • Fixed bug where clan tag colors were not showing up on Clan Details page.
        • Fixed an issue where mantling while going through a blitz portal would sometimes not teleport the players.
        • Adding patch & background reward for Call of Duty Account Registration.
        • In Extinction, fixed a rare issue where the alien wouldn’t retreat.
        • Fixed an issue in Extinction when the hive chopper wouldn’t show up if
        • an attack chopper was bought during a very specific window of time.
        • Multiple fixes for Recent History and My Modes lists.
        • Fix for sometimes spawning from last stand without a weapon in hand in Extinction.
        • Fix for a few last stand revive weapon bugs in Extinction.
        • Added new MP spawn music.
        • Fixed an issue with the ammo counter sometimes not showing up properly in safeguard.
        • Fixed a rare issue where the Score/XP popup (i.e., +100) didn’t appear when killing a player in Squads Mode.
        • Changing the leaderboard filter then scrolling would sometimes cause the user to be sent back to a previous menu screen, fixed.
        • We now show dog tags to spectators in Search and Rescue.
        • Ensured the ratchet sound only plays when first entering the summary after a game.
        • Replace generic unlock icon (head/helmet/uniform) with text description of item.
        • Fixed a bug with shooting down a heli sniper with a gryphon.
        • Riot shield assists challenge balancing.
        • Fixed operation completion bonus to account for multi-tier operations rolling over.
        • Improved UI messages to explain rewards.
        • Added a "Track Operation" button helper text in the operation selection menu.
        • Make it so the CoD Anywhere confirm button does not disappear when you back out of a field edit popup.
        • Fix for mismatched player cards in extinction mode.
        • Added thermal hybrid scope hint in extinction HUD.
        • Fixed an issue where backing out of a certain error popup would cause the player to sit in a lobby that wouldn't fill up in Squad Assault.
        • Fixed unlocalized text in the Extinction unlock screen for Extinction abilities.


      Nov. 15, 2013


      Playlist Update: All Platforms

        • Hardcore Team Deathmatch re-spawn delay has been changed from 15 to 5 seconds.
        • Core Search and Destroy has been added to the playlists


      Nov. 10, 2013

      Title Update: All Platforms

        • Improved operations functionality.
        • UI Bug Fixes
        • Fixed issue with splitscreen players rank.
        • Fixed a rare crash with specific private match settings.
        • 1. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

          With the glitch fixes could a check be put in to see how many perks a player has equiped? I notice in the killcam a lot of people still have all the perks equipped all the time along with the minigun silenced equiped as a primary weapon. I realize some people accidentally fell into modded lobbies but it seems that at least a check and some auto-kick code on every re-spawn could be implemented to prevent them from any hacked classes. I reported them but don't expect any actions to be taken. Appears to be solved. Thanks!


          I also noticed that the ADS seems to jerk in/out if you are moving close to corners or windows and still moving when you begin to push the ADS button. I turned contextual-lean off but it still does it, so the player just won't go full ADS and stay there sometimes, but if I go ADS first then walk up to a corner already zoomed in it works fine. It's really obvious to catch because I've been using LMGs lately that have such a slow ADS. Solved by putting in slower HDD or by playing off of the Disc instead of the downloaded version.


          The other issue I noticed is that the 'Move Turret' button and 'Reload' button are the same. Plus you cannot turn a turret around from the front, only the back. This became a major issue in team deathmatch. I would lay the turrent one way, it would kill all the players on one side the map, then they respawn behind the turrent, so I would run up and try to turn it the other way but couldn't from the front, even if I ran to the back he would try to reload instead of picking up the turret. By the time the reload on the LMG finished (or my reload cancelled) it was too late, the enemies had time to run across half the map, shot me in the back and destroyed the turret. I don't know what button to make it though, maybe the switch weapon, knife, jump button, or a double-push of a button, but anything that is more reliable than the reload button. THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE ESPECIALLY WHEN TRYING TO PICK UP A NEW WEAPON OR ACTION A DOOR. PLAYER WILL OFTEN RELOAD INSTEAD.


          When running the go prone and slide buttons are the same causing me to slide past short objects out into the open instead of laying down right at the edge to get my head out of view. Not sure what can be done to fix this but I thought maybe tapping for slide, holding for prone, or the reverse. I hate sliding, so personally I'd rather have an option that says "Contextual-SLIDE = OFF". OR MAYBE LET US CHOOSE BETWEEN "Contextual-SLIDE" OR "Contextual-Dolphin Dive."


          I also noticed that the slide distance and speed appears to be the same (high speed and distance) no matter what weapon you use, how much time you've been running, or how long you hold down the prone button, so I could run like 1 foot, slide real far, run 1 foot slide real far, indefinitely with an LMG and nearly keep up with a SMG player using extreme conditioning. Slide speed and distance should be relative to current speed, perks, equipment weight, and should stop as soon as you let go of the button so that if you repress prone you can then actually go prone immediately instead of sliding a predetermined distance far past your intended destination. Plus I almost forgot, you should be able to slide all the way down to the bottom of a steep hill without stopping, but unable to slide up a hill, to gravity also needs to play into it. Even surfaces should affect sliding, for example, you can't slide on a metal grid floor, your boot soles would stick in the holes and break your feet off. Resolved, slides are now dependent on speed and direction.


          I also noticed the dog does nothing for me, I have to kill everyone no matter how close the dog gets, the only time it helps is if I die he then it try's to attack, yet with other players it will run out in front and attack enemies way far away. Then other times it doesn't help them at all. I can run right up and stab an enemies dog in the back and all it does is stand still? THIS REMAINS OPEN. THE DOG STILL WILL NOT RUN OUT UNLESS BEING SHOT. I OFTEN KILL PLAYERS ONLY TO HAVE THE DOG CHASE ME DOWN ACROSS HALF THE MAP YET MINE WILL NOT KILL ATTACK PLAYERS RIGHT BESIDE ME. THE DOG IS NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK THIS WAY. THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RADIUS OF ATTACK.


          Yet still sometimes the dog is impossible to kill, I'll be shooting it far away, get at least 5 hitmarkers short range with the LMG deep impact then before it reaches me or even jumps I fall down dead and can still see the dog 2 or 3 body lengths away in my 3rd person camera falling body scene before the kill-cam. This is extremely annoying since it was never a problem for me to time a knife just right to kill dogs in mid air on Black Ops 1. I guess lag could cause this, but if it's lag why didn't I ever see this problem in Black Ops 1. THIS IS STILL OPEN. RARELY I CAN KNIFE A DOG. I GET HIT MARKER SOUNDS BUT THE DOG STILL KILLS ME. A KNIFED DOG SHOULD FALL TO THE GROUND AT THE VERY LEAST. THEIR JUMP ATTACK RADIUS IS WAY TOO LARGE. THEIR ATTACK DISTANCE AND OUR KNIFE LUNGE DISTANCE SHOULD BE EQUAL.


          This brings up another issue, I guess it is lag too, but it is impossible to know what knife distance actually is anymore, sometimes I can have a player trapped in a corner, try multiple times but can't knife even though I take a lunge, other times they are like 10 feet away but somehow I can knife them, then still other times like in infected a shotgun blast to the head isn't enough to kill them at that distance, but somehow they can knife me across that gap no problem? If the problem is due to the combination of lag and hit scans there has to be some kind of compromise that let's us knife and lunge only at what we both see as close and not what the host thinks is close. I just doesn't make sense that it's much easier to get a long-shot that it is to knife (or even shoot) someone in the back that is standing still right in front of you. This is probably why the game at this point still has so much camping going on, because there is no consistency to 1-on-1 close quarters gun/knife fights. THIS IS A LAG ISSUE AND CAN BE RESOLVED WITH A "NO LAG COMPENSATION" COMPETITION GAMING MODE.


          There's also a minor flaw in the mechanics of high speed running, when running forward at full speed it is possible to instantly walk backwards at full speed even up and down hills. In order to change directions there should be some sort of curve to slow down, stop then, speed up again in reverse. The same for hills, uphill should be slower than downhill, in both forward and reverse. STILL AN ISSUE. ALSO RUNNING BACKWARDS SHOULD BE SLOWER THAN FORWARDS. I'M CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KNIFE PEOPLE IN THE FACE RUNNING BACKWARDS WHILE THEY RELOAD. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL THAT I CAN'T SPRINT TOWARDS THEM WAY FASTER THEN THEY CAN BACK UP. THEY SHOULD BE FORCED TO TURN AROUND TO SPRINT AWAY BEFORE RELOADING.


          Another minor mechanics flaw is that explosions always pull you in instead of pushing you out. An explosive expert could tell you an explosion inside a tightly sealed building would suck you inwards as it searches for oxygen to burn, but an explosion anywhere out in the open would push you away faster. It's awful running away from multiple impending explosions only to get pulled right back inwards or slowed to a crawl when in fact it should help speed up your departure. If you are running towards an explosion slowing down is fine, but running away the mechanics are all wrong, then in the kill-cam it blasts you far far away, further illustrating slowing you down is against all the laws of physics. STILL AN ISSUE


          This brings up another issue, if I run up on a player that has their arms over their eyes, you'd think 'Hey, he can't shoot nor ADS, he's not even looking this way, plus has his gun pointed away and arms covering his eyes' but that is not the case at all. The animation we see is deceiving. It makes us think he can't see us nor ADS but in fact they may have already done both. If a player gets hit with a grenade but is ADS'd already pointing toward me then it should show them that way not with their arms all strangling about in a white haze. I wish I had a dollar for every time a bullet came out of these blinded people's elbows to kill me. STILL A MAJOR ISSUE. PLAYERS FACING AWAY OFTEN SHOOT BULLETS OUT OF THEIR BACKS AND KILL ME OR I KILL THEM IN THE SAME MANNER. THIS IS OUTRIGHT RIDICULOUS BUT THIS IS A LAG ISSUE AND CAN BE RESOLVED WITH A "NO LAG COMPENSATION" COMPETITION GAMING MODE


          NEW: Release the Ripper to those of us with the season pass. I'm tired of getting killed by it because some hacker dropped it in the lobby. Or ban people that have weapons in their classes that haven't been released yet.

          • 2. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

            We also need a theater mode a lot of your fans don't like to have to constantly record to get a good gameplay and so please bring back theater and online vault!

            • 3. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

              No we don't.

              • 4. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                Thank you Candyslexia for sharing this vital information.



                • 5. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                  Nice to see you have yet to address the issue where you obtain a fake loss after winning a game.  (:

                  • 6. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                    PS4 can solve that for you

                    • 7. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                      I wish you could explain more about these things, like what it does when you change things like dedicated servers! ?

                      • 8. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                        Thanks, that would be great, but also would like to be able to turn off kill-cam since it causes so much lag to load and then unload, it often during kill-cams that the connection gets lost. Even after the recent fixes lag is still often so bad that the kill-cam shows nothing near what actually happened anyway, so why watch it, all I want to do is re-spawn immediately and get back into the game ASAP.


                        Maybe an IMMEDIATE RE-SPAWN = ON option in the menu so I don't have to keep waiting for the lag-cam to go away just push square.

                        • 9. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (11/21/13)

                          also why the create clan thing wont work & the  clan details & clan invites are padlocked

                          I AM NOT buying an iphone ,its ridiculous & sadly others are now following suit,too many of the infernal damn things,people always starin at em & no one talks anymore,we bought " sophisticated" computers TO COMMUNICATE with the world & this app is daft.

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