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    Ghamorra's book of tactics: Assault Rifles Explained


      Max: 35

      Range @ Max: 22

      Min: 20

      Range until Min: 42

      Slope: .75

      HS: x1.5

      RPM: 750

      Recoil: Good


      To me this gun is just kind of "meh". It's the gun you use when you don't really have a choice. There's really no character, no outstanding stat, nor is it the type of gun you can easily fall in love with. It's just average and for me that's not something I like. I like to pick a gun that's great at something knowing that Newton's third law of physics means I have to make up for what it's bad at and this gun offers neither.



      Max: 40

      Range @ Max: 25

      Range until Min: 25

      Min Range: 42

      Slope: .88

      HS: x1.5

      RPM: 769

      Recoil: Medium


      This gun shows why the SC-2010 is not a good gun to go with. The only downside is slightly more recoil which due to the recoils nature is much easier to handle than the SC so you can't count that stat against it too much. The range is also better giving it a minimum 4 shot kill which is great considering it has a higher RPM. This gun is hands down better than the SC.



      Max: 49

      Range @ Max: 25

      Min: 25

      Range until Min: 42

      Slope: 1.4

      HS: x1.4

      RPM: 689

      Recoil: Medium


      Like always get get the cookie cutter AK gun. Highest damage of any full-auto, great range, decent RoF, but very high recoil. It's not just high recoil but it's recoil that pulls the gun more to the left than it does up which means it's more complicated to control while staying on target. As always though, burst fire seems to help as it's RoF isn't that high that you're doing the gun an injustice by not using it's strength. The goal here is staying on target briefly enough to let it's high damage take down the target quickly.



      Max: 34

      Range @ Max: 16

      Min: 25

      Range until Min: 45

      Slope: .47

      HS: 1.4

      RPM: 882

      Recoil: Medium


      This gun is for the person who counts hitmarkers before then moving on to the next target. The FAD is very consistent with it's damage having and early drop off long transition to it's minimum, stats which are already low. This means you can count on the FAD to drop the target in roughly the same number of rounds each time. It's high RPM makes up for it's like of stopping power and it's high mag capacity actually gives you small advantage over the rest of the ARs which have 30 rounds (minus the Remington). The FAD is pretty much no different than past models.


      R5 RGP

      Max: 49

      Range @ Max: 33

      Min: 20

      Range until Min: 56

      Slope: 1.26
      HS: 1.4

      RPM: 631

      Recoil: Bad


      With it's high damage and long range the Remington makes for the strongest weapon, though it comes at a cost and that's it mag capacity, low RoF, and high recoil. This gun is for the person who has the skill to control the weapon and make every shot count. It's Range is also drawn out slightly longer than most guns minus the FAD and MSBS. This is my personal favorite as I prefer the challenge of efficiency over the safety net other weapons have.



      Max: 55

      Range @ Max: 22

      Min: 20

      Range until Min: 53

      Slope: 1.6
      HS: 1.4

      RPM: 448

      Recoil: Best


      With the highest damage in class an argument can be made that the MSBS is one of the best, BUT NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!! This gun has one major lacking and it's it RoF. Hidden behind the fact that it's a burst weapon I still think the RoF cap is too low. It needs increased as the range off this weapon, which is normally the strength of burst and semi-autos, is not all that great. The drop off is the second harshest at 1.6 units of damage per unit of distance . This leaves you quickly losing damage. I know that sounds crazy but this is where the RPM stat becomes important. Every other AR can kill you in the time it takes the MSBS to get that second burst of because their range, while less, isn't that much less.


      Honey Badger

      Max: 42

      Range @ Max: 19

      Min: 20

      Range until Min: 33

      Slope: 1.57
      HS: 1.4

      RPM: 800

      Recoil: Worst


      This gun has the absolute worst recoil and worst range, BUT HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!! It does have good stats every where else. It's damage is surprisingly high considering it's default attachment. and it's range isn't that bad. It's just very brief so consistency is pretty terrible. However, if you stay on target long enough it's RoF will make up for it.



      Max: 43

      Range @ Max: 20

      Min: 17

      Range until Min: 36

      Slope: 1.63
      HS: 1.56

      RPM: 857

      Recoil: Bad


      This gun is interesting. It has high damage but the lowest minimum damage. It also has the pretty brief damage drop off making it probably the least consistent AR. However, like the Honey Badger, it's RoF makes up for the fast drop off. Also like the Honey Badger, it's recoil sucks. They're basically the same gun with different default attachments.