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    Ok no! just...no...

      Ok so i LOVE GHOSTS my problem is the health. ITS SUPER UNDERPOWERED!!!! enough to get frickin instakills acros the frickin map! this is some bull. i mean why even add HC?? CORE is pretty much HC now i entered a HC match the other day its so stupid like 1 DAMN BULLET REALLY IW??? oh god :/ the game is amazing but thing have to be changed like SOON. AR'S AND SMG'S nedd to be nerfed! now now don't start hatin on me b cuz i said that you know its true some of the guns need to be nerfed. but really IW please from a player thats speaks for most of us make it the way it should be... PLEASE?

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          the health is not low the hit detection is better you cried for no lag so there is no lag and along with that we got an advanced hit detection which actually takes note how many bullets your player is taking and gives you a death according to it.... adapt or move on........... enjoy

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              ok dude from what im getting from your reply ist that the health its not low and that is just the bullet direction? ok dude the health is low its not in 100% if you have played other cod before it takes some effort to kill someone you actually needed skill but now just aim and shot and hes dead like WTF dont talk about that its the direction of the bullets b cuz its not it's the OPness of the weapons and the underpowered health but that just my oppinion everyone is entitled to their own oppinions.

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                I would have agreed with you 100% before Sunday but now I get one shot killed a lot. It may be them just adjusting there servers but something has changed.


                The weapons don't need a nerf IMO. It's just the bizarre one shot kills that need to be addressed and the rest will fall into place. After the past three installment launches and all the adjusting they had to do for those games, I'm really not surpirsed. Just don't over think it for now OP, let them tweak the servers on there end.

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                AR'S AND SMG'S nedd to be nerfed!

                As your title says "NO"

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                  Just don't get shot by one bullet and you'll be fine... lmao. If you think core is basically h/c then just play core...

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                    Wait.... bullets kill? This can't be a COD game!


                    Just kidding.


                    Hit detection works and lag is a lot less means now bullets work. Just because it's a COD game, it doesn't mean someone needs 10 bullets to kill an enemy. If you want to play a game where it takes 10 bullets to kill an enemy, go play a past COD game.


                    Instead of trying to change a game because you are having a hard time with it, learn to adapt and change your playstyle up instead of changing the game to match your playstyle.

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                      it looks like you killed by 1 bullet.


                      if you pay attention to the killcam you will see they fired a couple of bullets into you.


                      there seems to be an issue but its not the 1 you are talking about.


                      it looks like im insta killed alot as well but if i look the replay i notice a few things.

                      1 that person wasent on my screen when he shot me.

                      2 even though on my screen i shot first it appears i did not shoot at all and that person fired multiple bullets.

                      3 there was no sound of bullets being fired at me nor did the mini map show someone was firing at me.

                      4 explosives dont go off killing the person who killed me as if i never fired it.

                      5 even though on my screen it seems i was accurate with a grenade launcher and using danger close for some reason people can survive a blast (dogs to) without having blast shield.

                      6 i have no idea what perk people are using but some have the ability to survive a IED without a blast shield.