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    Bring back headquarters or hardpoint -AND WHY TO-

      The game itself is an alright game but 1 of the main problems is people camping because its so easy to kill someone, im seeing way more snipers in this game 2, and alot of people liked hardpoint and HQ, we need a game mode that makes people move around and actually go to an objective in blitz and domination you can just camp and the other game mode... no one wants to start out with a pistol its just stupid and run out of ammo... AND ALSO with the few amount of game modes there are the game is just going to get old cause you always die the same way in domination and blitz people in there spawn with sniper or assault rifle just camping



      So im just saying that headquarters and hardpoint should be brung back it would help a little bit with the camping, and they are fun gamemodes and actually take gunskill

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