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    Call of duty ghosts first mission bug cant get passed.

      Hi i Just bought your game on release date and installed it was really exited too but as soon as i started playing it ive already had a problem and i hope you can help with it the first mission in the single player starts of with you sitting in the forest with your brother and father then we get up and start running up the hill noticing that there house is on fire when the brother and the father reach the gate at the top of the hill the they both freeze and wait for you to catch up but once i do they still just stand there they dont move so i just try to continue on without them but it says once i get up the hill you got left behind so im unable to continue the game ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and removing the saves and its made no diffrents and also tried to see the problem on the net and no one else seems to be going threw the same thing which gets me worried so if anyone has this same problem it would be great if you could help really was looking forward to this game.

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