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    Ghosts Wii U - Update - 3/4/2014

      Game Update Notes: March 4, 2014 120.76.0




      • Free Fall multiplayer map is now available and added to various playlists.


      • Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
      • Fix for a rare bots crash.
      • Improved operations functionality.

      Additional Fixes


      • Fix for broken operations – playing a ranked game will restore operations
      • Fixed an issue where throwing a tactical grenade could cause the player to switch weapons
      • Fixed a Lobby Migration issue that would force the Create a Soldier screen to close
      • Fix to keep the Grenade Cook Timer from becoming difficult to see
      • Fixed an inconsistency in the presentation of profile names when switching controllers
      • Fixed an issue that could occur at the start of a Safeguard match where the friends list would become inaccessible
      • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard on the Wii U GamePad would not automatically re-open after changing Loadouts
      • Fix for Leaderboards no longer updating properly after a disc eject
      • Fixed a stuck spot that could be entered while crouching near an overturned table (Siege)
      • Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
      • Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
      • Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
      • Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
      • Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
      • Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
      • Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
      • Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
      • Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
      • Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
      • Various additional fixes

      Game Update Notes: Dec 10, 2013 - 105.60.0


      • Fix for exploit used to crash the game

      Game Update Notes: Dec 5, 2013 105.60.0

      Playlist Update

      • Server change to improve matchmaking/performance

      Game Update Notes: Dec 4, 2013 105.56.0


      Wii U Specific Features and Changes


      • Added a GamePad Scoreboard panel
      • Individual players can be muted by tapping the speaker icon next to their name on the Gamepad Scoreboard




      • Addressed an issue that allowed players to move hit markers around during a killcam with the Wii Remote
      • Addressed and improved texture resolution in Campaign
      • Fixed an issue that prevented a second player from signing on in some situations
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to go prone in some portions of the Strikezone map
      • Improved placement of hit markers when using the Wii Remote
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to spawn in without a team in certain circumstances
      • Fixed an issue where players could get inside a wall in Stormfront
      • Disabling music will now also disable the rank-up music
      • Fix for Search and Rescue exploit using worldspawn damage to produce tag.
      • Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
      • Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
      • Fixed dog's extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
      • Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn't equipped.
      • Fixed an exploit of spawns where a player would constantly respawn at his team spawn in the first quarter minute of a game.
      • Fixed a few map specific spawn issues
      • Fixed a crash when entering and leaving lobbies
      • Fixed a crash when ejecting the disc while a sub-user was signed in

      Game Update Notes: Nov 13, 2013 103.42.0

      Wii U Specific Features and Changes


      • Performance optimizations
      • Added Wii Remote ‘ADS Camera Sensitivity’ setting
      • Added Wii Remote gesture to ‘Jump’ setting
      • Added ‘Disable Music’ setting
      • Added popups for selecting where the Software Keyboard appears (GamePad/TV)
      • Improved support for long squad member names
      • Maximum Wii Remote camera speed has been doubled
      • Disabled Wii Remote Aim Assist in Public playlists due to an unfixed exploit reported by the community




      • Fix for unresponsive/”hitching” menus
      • Fixed an issue where a party would be lost after backing out of a match
      • Fix for crashes reported when switching between Campaign and Multiplayer
      • Fixed issues that were causing occasional static and audio pops when using a headset
      • Fixed an audio issue that would sometimes cause gunfire sounds to not play
      • Fixed an issue where, after changing control settings on the primary display, the GamePad controls menu would open and close immediately
      • Fixed a freeze that could occur when powering down or using the Home button
      • Fixed an issue that prevented access to the Home menu after completing an online match
      • The loading bar will no longer appear to lose progress when nearly finished loading a map
      • Fixed an issue where ejecting the game disc could lead to a crash when the game resumed
      • Corrected button prompt for the Trinity Rocket streak reward
      • Fixed Wii Remote issue where the player would see the view pop to one area and then another when using a lower ads reach when going into ads while turning with a scope.
      • Fixed Wii Remote issue where enemy names display and reticle color change would only occur when the enemy was in the center of the view instead of using the reticle.
      • Fixed Wii Remote issue with the Helo Pilot streak where tracers and impact of shots were going slightly below the reticle.
      • Several fixes brought over from Infinity Ward

      Game Update Notes: Nov 5, 2013 101.32.0


      Wii U Specific Features/Issues


      Bug Fixes:

      • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from Prestiging properly