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    Tips for people having issues with Clans + an update from AtviAssist

      I've seen quite a few posts where people are experiencing issues atm so thought I'd do a quick post to cover the things people seem to be having issues with at present.


      First off as with all things elite using Chrome as your browser seems to fix a lot of issues as does clearing cookies.


      Until the new call of duty app goes live on Nov 5th and replaces Elite there is very limited functionality at present you can't do more than reserve your clan name Call of Duty®: Ghosts (up till the 25th Oct) and send out invites/accept applications. You will also be able to change your clan name when the app officially luanches on the 5th Nov.


      Once you have reserved your clan name you get the option to auto populate if you have an existing clan on Elite, It doesn't look like the auto populate function is showing previous clan members atm (Atvi are aware) . so if you want to make sure your clan members join you can send link for them to click to join.


      Now I've seen a few posts about these links not working , They do I've tested quite a few out i've seen and only  ahandful goto dead links, if you have a dead link generated you can easily ficx this by going into the current Elite app (on your browser) and right in the middle of the home page will be a box about your Ghosts clan. If you click that you can edit your clan (add a Bio and a motto) and on the right hand side of the page you will see a button to generate a NEW invite link.


      Make sure you click edit clan afterwards and check that the box "Accept Applications" is checked.


      hope this helps some of you. If you guys have any more issues that cant be solved or covered here post them below and i'll make sure they get passed along to Atvi


      @AtviAssist tweeted me this a few mins back


      Activision Support @ATVIAssist15m

      @xMaccabix The Elite team is well aware of the issue and are looking into a resolution. It's intermittent for most. ^JH

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          Re: For people having issues with Clans- Tips

          Nice tips and thanks for compiling them.


          The only other thing I've seen a lot of lately is people having issues with their clan name. Apparently you can't have any special characters such as apostrophes or some foreign characters. Not sure if you can use a dash or other odd characters but you may want to try removing some of them when registering your new clan name.

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            Re: For people having issues with Clans- Tips

            the new links still won't work when you generate a new link it still doesn't work..even on black ops 2 some people can join and some people can't so i don't know what the deal is with it i talk to a agent on here they said numerous people has reported the same thing

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              Re: For people having issues with Clans- update from AtviAssist

              -Same here,i dont know how many times i created new links but they never worked like everything!

              -reserved elite clan name for ghosts but elite clan members seeing the message"your clan leader has not registered for call of duty ghosts yet.ask them to register,or create your own.

              -auto population never worked,my rooster is only showing me

              -everytime i login to elite and go to ghosts clan i have to accept the terms again?

              -clan mates tried the links on firefox,IE,chrome,safari.same problem

              -contacting support is wasting time,all they do is copy&paste some texts like"please try a different browers,clear cookies...."

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                Re: Tips for people having issues with Clans + an update from AtviAssist

                No matter the links, I get the "you have been invited to this clan" option but there is no place to apply for that clan.

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                    Re: Tips for people having issues with Clans + an update from AtviAssist

                    Yeah, I chose the option to make a new clan name, so I made it and then sent my brother the original url link, he clicked it and he applied fine. I then added him to the roster and everything was peachy. Then we thought of a different clan name so he decided to leave the one I just made, he then found out the name he tried was already taken so I said just join back to this one. I sent him the url code again but this time it wouldn't work for him to apply. I tried numerous times getting new codes but nothing works. It worked fine first time around like I said and ive been using Internet Explorer, Idk which browser he is usuing though. Either way I hope it works itself out by the time Nov 5th comes around.

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