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    Looking To Create A Public Stomping Team/Clan!

      Hi lads,


      I'm Matt or x iGardy, i'm 22 years old and from the UK and i'm just currently looking for a few more casual but above average Xbox gamer's to play with on Blackops 2 and going into CoD Ghosts,  people with past experience in clans would be great but as long as you can easily hold your own in public and no the majority of the call outs in game that's all that really matters to a working headset and mic is a must.


      I've actually asked this before on here and had contact with a few players who i now play with regularly who are top lads and i can't remember the last time when we lost when playing in a team.


      I'll give you a few of my Blackops  2 stats:


      Prestige Master

      K.D: 2.32

      Win Percentage: 70%

      SPM: 484


      All fully legit, dashboarding is not something i do, in fact i tend not too play with anyone again who does dashboards for K.D whilst playing with me as at the end of the day the win matters more than K.D.


      If you're interested in joining a public stomping team in time for CoD Ghost in order to rank up fast and have fun then please send me a friend request online my GT: x iGardy


      Alternatively leave a reply on here and i will be sure to contact you, thanks for taking the time to read this!.