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    ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

      What is an orb?




      • "Orb's" refer to an object that appears after the "Tower of Babble" achievement is completed for Tranzit.
      • This object is made up of small spherical lights which circulate rapidly around a center point.





      What is a Ray?



      • A "Ray" refers to a beam of light that are projected from the Orb.
      • Much like Orb's, they appear in Blue or Red. When mixed a Purple/pink color is made.





      Where do they appear?



      • These objects can be found in any ee activated lamppost, box location, and/or 4 "Red Morse Code" blinking lights.
      • Other location's of the smaller spheres and beams include the Tower itself after activation, Power (lab room) when releasing "HIM" and also at the laundrymat door.





      Why are they important?



      This is an activated phenomenon which has not been solved. We know in the EE these orb's play an important role with the Tower which then gives you a free Power-Up. The process and reason for these event's after the EE have yet to be discovered, this means you could be the one to solve a side quest that has baffled everyone!




      How can I help?



      We need Game-play of activated "Red Morse Code" locations, this is fundamental in analyzing the real reason for there existence. Every game that is acquired and reviewed through theater is another step towards understanding them. Game break-down's are done like the following,




      User: KeredNomrah69

      Console: Xbox 360

      GameType: Public Match

      Character's Present: St,Mi(DN),Ru,Ma(Orb)(TN)

      Orb Activated:Laundrymat/Jug Streelight(M)


      Gameplay Details:


      Round 1:Start

      1. Ma: Picks up manequin

      2. St: Picks up tail & Mi: Picks up fan

      3. Ma:builds turbine

      4. St:builds turbine

      5. Mi:finishes turbine

      6. St:buys M14





      What should I do?



      If you run across one of these orb's then please save your game film in theater mode after and reply on this thread so that someone can review your game in either Xbox or PS3. We will respond immediately and then enter your saved films where we will begin work. Your Gameplay will be entered into our archives which are viewable in the main research thread and credit will be given to the player of the game.





      Other Information:



      Main Research Thread (The full story)

      PTG (Mirror)

      Cod-Forums.com (mirror)

      ZombieCentral (mirror)










      *Original Post*


      Hello and thank you for visiting my very first discussion created on this forum.  I am a long time researcher and lover of zombies, it is this reason that I reach out to you here in the hope to find fellow player's who can help.


      *Moderator's I am in no way trying to advertise or break forum rules by linking external site's but simply a written thread that cannot be formatted and moved here in it's current state (I tried, BB Code problems)*


      In a nut shell I am looking for people who can either provide or save gameplay that they have with Red Morse Code orb's that have been activated.  You do not need to be an EE Hunter to contribute!  If anyone here ever plays Tranzit then please just keep me in mind if you ever activate a Red Morse Code orb.  I am documenting and collecting all gameplay's in an effort to better investigate Tranzit Orb occurence's.


      I am on Xbox Live (gt:KeredNomrah69) and can access other live players for there theater where I will anaylze the game to provide a detailed read out.  For PS3 player's I have several contacts which I will provide with there permission when you have gameplay footage for them to review.  For Pc player's please contact me on here by either replying or pming me and I will check this forum atleast a few times a week.



      *What I'm looking for!*


      This is an example of what I'm doing with the gameplay's.  This is a breakdown of the step-by-step game actions of the most recent Orb sighting.  I've shortened this version for length sake.  The particular Orb's I'm looking for appear at 4 location's.  2 in town on the street light's and 2 on the tower in the cornfield.






      Gameplay Orb Activation Archive:


      User: KeredNomrah69
      Console: Xbox 360
      GameType: Public Match
      Character's Present: St,Mi(DN),Ru,Ma(Orb)(TN)
      Orb Activated:Laundrymat/Jug Streelight(M)

      Gameplay Details:
      Round 1:Start
      1. Ma:picks up manequin
      2. St:picks up tail & Mi:picks up fan
      3. Ma:builds turbine
      4. St:builds turbine
      5. Mi:finishes turbine
      6. St:buys M14
      7. Ru:grabs turbine
      8. Mi:grabs turbine
      9. Round Ends
      St:450   3   0   0   0
      Mi:1150  5   0   0   2
      Ru:1230  5   0   0   1
      Ma:730   1   0   0   0


      Round 2:
      1. Mi:(turbine)opens inner power-needed door
      2. Ma:grabs turbine
      3. Ma:grabs front bus piece


      Round 6:
      Ma:grabs/builds power handle/activates power
      Ma:(turbine)activates power-needed door in power
      Mi:grabs insta-kill(Ru red insta-kill)
      Power fully activated
      Ru:hits box(galil,replaces B23R
      St:goes down(drops jetengine)
      Ru:grabs carpenter
      Mi:withdraws 6000 from bank
      Mi:opens bank door


      Orb  spotted: Streetlight between laundrymat/jug building.  Red Maxis Orb.   Activated several laundrymat/cafe rays after which both sporadically  traveled to the Orb or the tower.  Failed to test any further things  with the orb.

      You do not need to be an EE Hunter to contribute!



      I will do the work!  Orb's are such a rare occurence and you can help us all by just sending me a message or replying on here if you see one.  For any of you who wish to take this one step further, I wish to present to you my work which I have been doing since January (thread).  If anyone ever wishes to contribute or help out then please dont hesistate to contact me as I pretty much have all forms of communication and love to talk to other zombie player's. 

      Below is what I believe could be the most efficient and easiest way to search for the Orb's.  If anyone has other hint's or suggestion's please post them so I can update this thread so we can help more people out.





      *2 Player Team's Needed!*



      Currently we need as many 2 player teams as people can provide.  I believe this is possibly the most efficient way of being able to search for the Orb's as explained below.


      What you need:

      - 2 Player's

      - you must have opposite tower's activated compared to eachother(maxis/richtofen)

      - 2 controller's with the ability to log-in a guest account/splitscreen.

      - The ability to save your game-play/file for review (theater mode save is best)


      I'm not sure how this would translate to PC, but regardless it's pretty easy to setup concerning console play.


      How it Work's:


           Through recent investigation's and continued research into the Orb's and Ray's we have discovered what could lead this into a solid effort and a way to finally go forth.  The mechanic's behind the Orb's are complex but allow us to use the system to our advantage.  It is now known through game-play that if the Orb's are sighted by a player, they will continue to see it through death while spectating another player.


           It is important to note how this work's clearly.  If you see any orb, another player cannot see it while spectating your screen, HOWEVER when spectating someone else's screen you will be able to see the Orb while they can't.  Meaning, when you die, a person's screen your spectating is processed after the player views it to include the Orb for your viewing.


           The purpose of having both tower's color activated is that different colored orb's may have different step's for activation even if they share the same location. Having both color's on the tower gives the ability to produce both colored orb's.  It is also under the hopes for a sighting of a "Double Colored Orb" at one of the Red Morse Code location's much like we have seen multiple time's at the mystery box (see box orb's and ray's image collection).



      Simple and Easy: Start a game with 2 players each having a split-screen guest who will die off at the start of the game.  If both main player's have opposite tower's then Richtofen and Maxis (red/blue) will be present on the tower.  Play the game and after power is cut on check the Tower in cornfield and Streetlight's in town for Orb's.  If you do not see orb's through your screen or the split-screen spectating your own screen, then quit and start again.

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          Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

          It's good to know someone is still investigating these. Always hoped they meant something. But doing my own investigating a while a go, I came to the conclusion they are just random. My reasoning is because I got a traffic orb a few times in solo, and on two of those occasions I rewatched the game over and over and tried to copy exactly what I did with the same character. Could never duplicate it.


          Tried taking out the same amount of money, staring at the laundry doors, buying the knife, using the same light posts, keeping the same zombie alive, anything I could think of that I did. And since I got them in a solo game, I know I was the only factor. Could have been something I missed, but I couldn't think of anything else. So frustratingly concluded they are just random. Though I never got a tower orb so I never got to try duplicating steps for that.


          Hope you have better luck then I did.

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            Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

            I seem to get them often. Ill send ya something after the next sightings. Good idea!

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                Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                Thanks for the response guys.  I've been trying extensively to replicate the orb's as well Cheesegrater with no luck.  In the long pursuit this is just another step trying to give this a solid effort.  If I can get atleast 10 gameplay's of each orb location and with each different color I hope somewhere in that data we can see some sort of pattern.


                I've collected a lot of information that is really useful over the past few month's.  I wont go into a full detail as I've already previously done but there's some really cool thing's that occur and should be taken into consideration. 


                The best out of all of it though, orb's are user specific.  This is hardcoded into the game.  If you see an orb then only you will see it.  If someone dies and spectates your screen they will not see the orb.  However, if you die and spectate another screen you will see the orb in that location.  This means the orb's are coded in for your view plus your view of others when spectating and removed when other's view yours.


                This is a neat trick when using split screen, by using only 2 players with 2 guest controllers you can see through all of the players eye's when the guests die off and spectate your screen.  You will start to see a lot more box orb's from your screen and the spectating screen at different times.  This is extremely helpful when you can't get 4 people up for an experimenting game.

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                Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                Of the few times I've ever gotten the traffic light orbs, when I've returned to theater to view them they are gone. 


                When returning to view the mystery box orbs they would also change in the middle of viewing them!  I would see an orb around a different weapon than I recalled seeing in the actual game.  Then I would rewind it to view it again and it would be gone, only to show up on yet another different weapon.  Even in theater, I couldn't replicate the same orb experience twice.


                I'm left with scars on my scalp from all the scratching of my head with these damn orbs!  


                I sincerely hope you can figure it out.

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                  Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                  I've extensively tried everything else in Tranzit- but haven't been able to experiement at all with any lights or orbs: I've not Obeyed the Voices yet

                  I know all I gotta do is grab a forum chap and say let's boogie...

                  I have multiple theories about the map, pretty sound ones in my opinion, based on elements that already exist within- most of which I see happening after the drop of the last DLC. But, perhaps not.


                  It really is a drag how certain components of gameplay do not show up in theater mode.

                  However, I've been led to most of my theories because of this fact.

                  One in particular involves the clock in the Diner (ON 4 U); I've found that the other clocks that you can approach in free roam camera mode clip away/allow you to see behind them. Diner clock doesn't do this. Maybe for no reason, due to its neon wrap. I need to experiement more, with at least another person, and would be better to try post-EE.


                  Also, welcome to this side of zombie madness Kered.

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                    Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                    Maybe its nothing...... or maybe we must wait til the last DLC drops. but its possible that its definitely something and all I know is maybe.

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                      Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                      Facts: No such thing as a so called easter egg continuation and there is no such thing as a bus route b heres the deal stop listening to NGTzombies they just do this for teh youtube monayyy oh wait this is a forum for all them jelly scrubs talking **** about people who are making sense.

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                          Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                          You had a roll 'til ya got all excited like. Wait, NGT has a vid about the continuation? I thought that was my idea... Facts: you expressed opinions and carried them with other 'words' in one beautiful, incomplete sentence. What's a jelly scrub?

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                            Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                            Really surprised and somewhat confused by that statement lol.  You have some elements of observation in there including the way youtube works and you acknowledge forums tend to more flame war then actually provide co-operation.  However, I never mention an EE continuation or another bus route.  I'm not a big youtuber/attention getter so I'm not really worried about anything because this is just fun for me.


                            Now, before a flame war does break out I just want to make clear that I've in no way ever stated what these orb's will do or if they do anything at all.  What we do know is that they activate, even if randomly.  I feel the simple game mechanics of most aspect's have been neglected because of there complexity.  We have perma-perks that still confuse, ranking system that frustrates, random orbs that make no sense, etc etc.  Also with the navcard/returning issue, if there is a continuation from another DLC that will effect Tranzit then it might be best to solve all the mysteries ahead of time so were not stuck back to square 1.


                            I like fact, so let's stick with that.  There are orb's.  They appear sometimes, other times they do not.  This is a game, someone coded and programmed all that is happening.  Whether they are programmed with a random counter (like the mystery box) or not, I'm going to try my hardest to find out and the only way for that is through experimenting and showing real proof/test results.


                            Also I've gotta say this is a pretty amazing forum.  I expected negativitey from the start but instead the community showed hospitality and you guys are beasts with views (almost 700 views in 12 hours? my original research thread is still under 2k lol).  But again, thank's for the warmth guys.  It makes doing this feel like less grunt work and more of a community effort.

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                            Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                            I'd like very much to complete an EE on Tranzit, meaning either path will work, if anyone would like to help a dude out. Tonight may not be best, but I could be on as late as 10pm CST tonight, if anyone is interested lending a hand... xbox, gt: csawwww. I'm feeling a great lack of zombie to-do not being able to mess around with the orbs and rays.

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                              Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation

                              Alright guys I updated the discussion with the 2 player team strategy.  I haven't been able to get on the game in a bit because of illness so I do apologize csawww but I'll be there and ready in a day or two.  For those interested in the 2 player orb strategy there are further team resources at the main research link and more information like how to get your towers opposite only using 2 people. 


                              I'm still on the lookout for more gameplays guys!  I need over 70 more people to notify me so I can record it so we can get accurate information.  This isn't tough guys but it does take a moment of your time to help out.

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                                Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                Just a simple reminder for all those going back into the Tranzit maps.  If you see an orb please don't hesistate to respond on here and please save the gameplay if you don't have the time to respond automatically now.  I can review gameplay of Playstation and Xbox so if you see them let me know!

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                                    Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                    Got yer xbox pm the other day- failed to mention that I have 'obeyed the voices'... finally.

                                    Expect a gaggle of media, at least from me.

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                                        Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                        I'm always down for that.  I'll join you some if we can get our timing down since I'm always on weird hours from working 3rd shift.  Really excited about pulling ahead with this before the last DLC comes out. 


                                        Pretty much every gameplay we get is another clue stepping forward.  I have nearly all activation spots with gameplays and now we just need multiple gameplay's to compare to eachother and see if there's any hint we can decipher from them.

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                                            Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                            What I'm stuck on (more than my "jet gun percentage display in the hud" find, which is still as mysterious as the orbs) are the quotes that you get from Maxis pre-babble achievement.


                                            <quotes pulled from codz; mostly accurate, I'd say...>


                                            -You have done well. Now activate the Spires, power. Are you circumcised? Oh hold on... (cirumscribed/circumcised still under scrutiny, perhaps he fumbled words to be funny?)


                                            -That is but one of the required 3 points to complete the design.


                                            -You have constructed the Control Mechanism, but to program the computer you will need to secure an application Nav Card. You will have to seek it out so return here and activate the Spire to save mankind.


                                            -You have done well but we need yet more energy. This is (of the tip) of what need three sides. Now create the (tricontomous) System.


                                            Still seems to me that people are screwing up the order/steps.

                                            You can gain the achievement without even hearing those quotes...


                                            But, if there is an extension, you'd be able to do it both ways = Richtofens' and Maxis' way.

                                            I'm completely convinced the orbs/rays matter somehow.


                                            EDIT: And now that Buried's card goes into Tranzit's table, perhaps people should be retrying the EE all over again, hence the reset upon pushing a button.

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                                                Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                Don't want to hijack this thread's subject matter--


                                                But, driving home from work, thinking about my last EDIT, I have a few questions for the community, which may lead to further discovery about the orbs/rays.


                                                It almost seems as though the Tranzit EE (or the extension of) was never fully obtainable, until now, or maybe not even until DLC 4, due to a Navcard never being inserted into the table, which we've been able to do with subsequent maps since its release. I've seen plenty of threads where people want to complete EE's all day, one path or another... Maybe someone has tried? Anyway--- Considering the Navcard situation, and just for confirmation:


                                                * Has anyone 'Obeyed the Voices' post Buried, meaning that all the navcards were in place, in their repsected tables, and a definite "side" was chosen by all participating players?

                                                * If so, any differences in gameplay, or any other phenomenon noticed (in particular with Tranzit) including the orbs & rays??

                                                * Honestly, how many people have attempted the Tranzit EE with four players, in particular the Maxis path, and have tested laying (and leaving) turbines at any lamposts before completing the step at the spire/obelisk/tower, since this is where we get the different, seemingly unnecessary Maxis quotes?

                                                * Can anyone think of how to continue/extend Richtofen's path, since it obviously wouldn't be only one side that's continuable...?


                                                I've seen some NGT vids concerning this. Not too sure about PTG, since they seem to just leak info versus providing in-game advice or factual theory testing... Goes without saying, respond if ya believe, or have valid reasons why not. Share!

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                                                    Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                    Yes, I have done the TOB since inserting all the nab cards and nothing. I searched for hrs a couple of times. As far as the orbs go, all the research I have done on them, you guys can find in a thread I made months ago titled laser beam destination points. It's long, but there is a lot of info in it. If you need any further questions on this topic feel free to contact me. Xbox gt F1ying P1atapus.

                                                    Good luck.

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                                                        Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                        Long indeed. I remember following that one very closely as Tranzit developed into the abyss that it is. As I have just very recently completed Maxis' side on Tranzit, it doesn't make much sense for me to be a nominated person for the task(s) I wanna try. But, with the clues at hand, along with the Maxis quotes that can be heard outside of completing the achievement (as people do now), I believe I have some ideas or new theories that need testing; all that tie into the orbs and rays mentioned in these two threads.


                                                        So, perhaps I'll conjugate the whirlwind of yada yada and present a 'dare' or five, in order to get some testing done. I'll most likely beg my friends to be guinea pigs in order to test stuffs. Either way, I need to fully reexamine the facts and make sense of nonsense, because it has to be there...

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                                                          Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                          long indeed lol 23 pages atm so might take a while to go through them.  It might be interesting to take a fresh perspective though with reading all of the posts during first discovery on this forum.  Unfortunately I was mostly Codz and didn't broaden my horizons till later but happily on about 4 different ones now with more coming.


                                                          I'm less of a theorist and more of an analyzer which is why the orbs are my target.  The orb's are a documented case which only appear at certain times.  Games are coded, even random is done purposefully.  I'm pushed to want to know how to turn them on and the only clues that are directly pointed are these.


                                                          • After EE Orb's appear on locations that have "Morse Code" signals.
                                                          • Orb's are the same as those created by the lampposts when completing "Tower of Babble"
                                                          • Ray's are a directional power influence (activating the tower from ToB Orb's)
                                                          • Tiny ball's/light's make up the outer shell of the orb, they are present also on "Him" being released from power.


                                                          A kinda more out there approach I like to look at is there connection with Element 115/Aether.  Since there existence in the box (which has no "modern" power source), it could be concluded the fundamental basis for them involves an Element 115 aspect.


                                                          Back to your qoute's though, I could find a meaning in them which has been solved but it's also important to think outside the normal box when dealing with zombies.  It seems to me the majority of hardcore players question the steps and this is repeated everywhere.  When you look back at the step's for Tranzit it's almost comical in the 3-4 steps that it takes but a twist of a hidden correct order for more would be interesting.

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                                                              Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                              I agree that the steps might be off, especially seeing we never really got the quotes that should walk us though the EE. My team and I spent hrs, and days, trying crack both the beams and orbs with no luck. Some of the stuff we tried is embarrassing, but the point is we could never trigger the orbs at will. So we took a different approach and tried to figuar out where the berms were going. I found two destination points, but not the others. One of them seems to stop mid-air above the farm (weird), the other stops at a hidden moon shaped lamp post inside the Forrest cafe. You can see this lamp post in game by crouching behind the car that is parked outside the broken part of the Forrest cafe.

                                                              After months of trying we came to the conclusion that the reason we never heard some of those quotes was because they in themselves are clues that treyarch put in the files, not in the game itself. You see if you remember, the moon EE was ripped from the game files and completed 20mins after it dropped. So we think treyarch put those quotes in the game files knowing someone would try to do this again. Plus what a great way for treyarch to play with our minds, put some quotes in the files that no one heard, and have us chasing our tails for awhile. Just saying.

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                                                  Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                  I got the orbs around the mystery box a few days after I done the Richtofen side on Tranzit, I went back to look on theatre and thought it was my imagination because it doesn't show anything. If you get the orbs does it automatically give you the Ray Gun cause thats what I had when the orbs appeared?

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                                                    Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                    I got the orb last time I tried for the EE on tranzit. What we did before starting the EE game was someone gave me 30,000 points because I didn't have any but that person had Richtofen side done already on Tranzit so that person didn't do it with us. 


                                                    One other person that was doing the EE with us had Maxis done already. He went in the game with us when I received the points from the other player that had Richtofen done. This was a three player custom game on regular, I think so not sure. Since the player hosting it was the one that gave me the points.


                                                    I don't think you have to do it this way it just might have to be the previous game. That another player gives a large sum of points to another and then that player goes and does the EE with three other players.  When receiving the points at least one other player needs to be in game that has opposite sides done for tranzit. Then that player does the EE with the one that got the points in the next game.


                                                    In game I gave 6,000 of those points to another player.  I got a green sparkle on box then the next time I hit the box it had the red orb with Emp's


                                                    Not sure if this has anything to do with it but worth a try.

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                                                      Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                      Updated the discussion with a better visual explanation of the orbs and rays.  Images and more information will be included as they become available.  If anyone is interested in helping that has a PVR please contact me as I do not have the capabilities for HD photos of different events that need shown.

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                                                        Re: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                                                        I've been away for some time, awfully busy being family man. Now that the duties of that job have subsided a tad, I've been beasting as much as possible trying to spawn an orb. Four slashes later from none-- no orbs yet. But, I personally have held a belief that the "blue-eyes" aren't really there to represent that you've played 5 days in a row. If people are going to discriminate in lobbies, it's mostly likely going to be judged on yer rank-emblem, not if yer eyes are shiny blue. So, in the next day/slash, I do expect to notice some sort of change in the game, and hopefully it's one that'll lend a contribution to this thread

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