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    How does League Play work?

      I've been playing League for I think, 6 months now and I still have no clue how the ranking/point system works.



      I'm on a 4 winning streak with friends, first game we get 150 points then for the rest of the games, we only get around 10-30 points.

      We lose 1 game, we suddenly lose 150 points making us drop down almost half from where we were originally.

      Going from Rank 20 to 38.


      How does it actually work? League Play is fun but the whole point system ruins the whole experience, it's just so troublesome to win consecutive games that only give you 10-30 points each game, and I bet I'll only go up 2 ranks if I win 5 consecutive games, that's how frustrating League Play is.

      Also, why can't they reduce the deducted point when your teamates time out because of the bad connections this game provides, why do people who actually stay even though they're in a 2v4 situation to be punished for poor connection?


      Can anyone give me an answer? It doesn't matter if it's bad or good, I just want closure on the point system.



      Just to confuse you guys again and to show how confusing the ranking system is.

      I just went from Platinum Rank 8 to a Masters Rank 5 in just one win.

      The game was CTF and from what I remember, I was against a team the consists of 2 masters, 1 platinum, and 1 bronze.

      I was in a team of one master, 2 platinums (one of them is me), and I think 1 gold. I think I went around 33-17 with 1 capture and 8 returns.

      Of course I was pretty happy when I got to Masters Rank 5 (and I need to take a good hard look at my life) but it just amplifies the fact that the ranking/point system is very complex.

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          it has to do with division and clamping system. as you get closer to a promotion, it makes you work harder to get into the next section. It's about how much you play and less on how many games you won. its to prevent luck from making you seem like a great player. the ladder board is very misleading. In reality, your team should be higher then it says you are but due to other calculation it will say your not. its not like regular core where you just have to play a match and you could be rank 5th in the world.

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            I know that I am in the lowest division, Iron, and because of that my rank changes a lot nearly every match. Really high ranked people say just the opposite, they will have the same rank for weeks.

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              This is something i want to know aswel, ive looked but cant seem to find official rules ,gamescoring etc on google ,im looking to go into league would be good to know how to gain a certain level

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                I can't figure it out.  We played against a whole team and they were all master and platinum.  We got 150 points and we played against the same team two games later and we only got 10 points.

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                  You get 150+ points if you beat a good team. This means, you need to beat a team that's in a full party OR a team that is in a higher ranked division than you (because the higher ranked divisions are meant to be better than you, so if you beat them, you get big points)


                  Now, if you are only getting 30-50 points a game, it means you are playing teams that your team is meant to win because your team is more skilled.


                  So to summarize for you...


                  * Beat teams that are in a full party or higher division than you to get more points.


                  * You will get low points if you beat teams that are in a lower ranked divison than you or teams that have less skilled players in general.


                  Your best bet is to hopefully get games where another team is in a full party or higher ranked. If you are beating higher ranked teams more often than you are losing against them, than you will also eventually get promoted to that division.

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                      Thanks for replying but I kind of doubt this. I've played a lot of great teams and when I do win, I still get around 10-50 points.

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                          I played like 20 games tonight and got 10 points in 16 games.  I moved from 100 to 46 in masters, but I should be so much higher.  I played two games in forty minutes because the same people ranked high in our division kept backing out.  There were four teams that kept doing this to us and then if they didn't join other people quit because we had 4 masters.

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                              Yeah, it just puts you off from keeping on playing. If you're gonna get rewarded for winning then at least make it ACTUALLY rewarding and not some consolation prize. I used to love League but now I'm just getting tired of it.

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                                  I played against an entire clan in a party of 6 who were platinum and gold last night.  They all signed out at the end of the first round in dom.  We capped a, b, and c while we waited for the forfeit timer and we only got 10 points.  We made an entire clan back out because they knew they had no chance of winning and we get 10 points.  It is ridiculous.

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                            It doesn't work at all lol. Just play and hope it doesn't take too long to get into masters... I was stuck in platinum for the enire last season and I'm still in plat so far this season. It's about luck I guess