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    Call of Duty Ghost INFO! - Weapons, Perks, Weapon Customization, Killstreaks (COD ONLINE)





      So this video shows of Call Of Duty Online a Free to play China version of Call Of Duty!

      Which is most likely what we're going to see in Call of Duty Ghost!


      Here's more info!



      In the "Behind-the-Scenes" video for Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward gave a very quick preview of Ghost's new multiplayer along with some big changes to expect.

      According to Mark Rubin, "You can choose the heads, body, helmets, gear, connect to who you are as a player". This sounds very similar to China's free-to-play COD: Online that was developed by Raven Software. And since Raven is helping out with Ghosts, it's fair to say we might see something similar.. which is AWESOME.

      So theres no confusion, Ghosts is a retail game, we're sure gear will be unlocked via XP.