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    Die Rise shaft fall to your death glitch PC

      Has anyone else experienced a glitch in the elevator shaft you jump down to get to the dragon/buddha room in which you hit the first slide and die when you land on the ledge it drops you to? It's happened to me twice now in solo games. Today I was on round 31 with 6 perks, I hit a nuke at the very first jump killing all the zombies. I ran and hit the first slide (I never jump and I always wait a second before I run to the slide) and as soon as I hit the next ledge I was down. It's really irritating to waste almost 2 hours getting to level 31 only to be killed by some element of the map that is obviously screwed up. I've heard other people complain about this same problem in game, so I know it's not just me it's happened to. I went back and watched the film and I had hit it at least 12 times and nothing happened until the last. The only difference I could see was that I had backed up a tiny bit further before I started my run to the slide.