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    Black Ops 2 can't connect to server on Windows 8

      Hi guys,


      I just upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro this morning and the game seems broken. First it wouldn't launch, then I can't connect to server after I've joined a lobby (after the game has begun, the loading takes extremely long and eventually I get a message that says 'Unable to Connect to Server'). I can quite safely say it has nothing to do with my internet, because this happened all day and my internet is working fine. Please help me out!


      Thanks in advance!

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          I can safely say it's not an issue of Win8 either I did a "clean" upgrade from 7 to 8 too and while Steam wasn't cooperating very well initially, the biggest problems seem to be solved by now.

          If you haven't re-installed CoD since you upgraded I'd do the "verify integrity of game cache" trick, starting with single-player, then multiplayer and zombie mode last. Start each mode once, in that order, and the game should be working correctly again.

          If it doesn't your upgrade installation may be borked or doesn't work too well with some piece of hardware you're using.