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    season pass license transfer

      Hello. First, sorry for my bad english ( i am from el salvador) so, i have a doubt, my friend made a license transfer to my console, the season pass, but my question is i downloaded season pass, is already in my console, i entered with my account and saw i didnt have dlc title of season pass,then i went to store, an appears as ifi dont have season pass on my console, asked me to buy it with my account. So then, season pass is only for account bougth it? Thankz

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          You cannot transfer anything over to your Xbox account from someone elses account.


          You have to buy it.


          When your freind tried to transfer the licence of the season pass from HIS account to YOUR account he violated Xbox Live policy . You may be expecting an Xbox Live ban from Microsoft real soon.


          So I hope he didnt try to do that.


          The question is at any point did YOUR account enter a code in it to get the Season Pass ?

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              Thankz for yor answer.

              Well maybe i said it bad, he didnt give me his season pass, i just thought if i have the season pass in my console (license transfer), no my account, it will be like if accounts on my xbox have buy season pass, and will have title of it ( proof of having season pass i think) so that was my doubt. So, im having season pass on my console doesnt mean it will be for all accounts on my console?  But dlc , like nuketown zombies, can be used for all accounts in my xbox?

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              The ONLY way for you both to have the season pass is ..


              For him (or you) to have bought it and both of you play it on the console that he (you) bought it on OR


              possibly for him to transfer his licences to another Xbox and you both play on that Xbox. Now this second idea may not work at all because some items that you buy on XBL will only work on the actual FIRST xbox that you downloaded it on. Say fr example if you bought a new xbox and transfered everything to that Xbox your freinds wont be able to play the same content again that they might have played before for free.

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                  thanks again, well, he sold him xbox, so that is the reason we are doing it. he doesnt care about give me season pass just for me. today I downloaded nuketown zombies and it worked for both account, i am happy . and something else, he is goin to give me all he bought on xbox live, to my console, but are so many things and my xbox is 4gb version, if i buy other hard drive, ill have to make other license transfer? so i will have to wait 4 months? or just passing him account again will able all content again ? thkz

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                  Sorry to hijack your thread, but I don't want to create one where everyone will tell me that there is a search button.


                  but... the xbox doesn't work like the ps3 when it comes to downloads? For my PS3 games, my brothers and I split the cost of the dlc's equally and I get them for my account. I download it on my PS3, and then we put my account info onto their ps3. ( we live in the same house and technically, their ps3 is part mine anyway). So, both PS3's have the downloads. Now, I am going to get an xbox soon and my brothers might too, would we be able to do this on the xbox?