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    How can I fix "Cannot connect to MW3 servers. Try again later. Wii

      I have had MW3 for months, so I have played multiplayer before.  This isn't one of those problems with people that need to change crap on their routers.  My problem is that i can't connect to the servers.  First off, my other profiles worked fine, but one day, all new profiles that would be made, couldn't get online.  Next issue is that the leaderboards were all screwy and showed false statistics, couldn't compare my stats or anything.  After that, some stats that I already played were deleted as if I never played that day.  So I decided that it might be that my data was screwed up, and I performed a wii system memory formatt.  After I did that, I created a new profile and tried getting online, but it only said "Cannot connect to MW3 servers. Please try again later.

      I just want to know if this is a problem that can be fixed.  Could it be that the servers are too populated and can't hold any new people/profiles?