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    Add the Infected game mode found in MW3 as a party game mode in Black Ops II!

      This can be awesome! The developers can use the pick 10 system (or pick 17) to make classes similar to the classes used in Infected in MW3 and new ones too. Just make it fair and give the survivors trophy systems if the infected have combat axes or ballistic knives. Maybe the developers can find a balanced way to allow the survivors to use guardians and sentry guns etc. Or maybe the developers can add something similar to the specialist strike package found in MW3 like there is in the Sharpshooter game mode. Make sure we can play with a party, but PLEASE make it anti-boosting! The boosting problem found in MW3 can be solved by not including Tac Inserts, removing the splitscreen ability for the game mode, and/or including a sweeping UAV.


      Reply if you believe the Infected game mode found in MW3 should be added as a party game mode in Black Ops II! Comment with any thoughts or ideas as well! Let's show our support for this game mode!


      I will edit this thread as new ideas are added in the replies.


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