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    Black Ops 2 - weapons balance


      i've got a small request. Please, balance weapons like MP7 and other SMG's. I'm playing only with M27, SCAR-H and HAMR, but i havent got any chance to kill enemies. SMG's are really unbalanced and overpower. BO2 is really gr8 game, better than mw2 and mw3, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, balance overpowered weapons.



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          M27 is by far my fav. gun

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            not just the mp7, all the smgs(pdw, vector, msmc, skorpion, etc) need some nerfing or buff the Assault Rifles.


            You can not outgun any SMGs with an Assault Rifle.

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              I totally agree to this. SMGs are simply too strong and overpowered. It seems like a joke, that you can unlock the laserpointer at weaponlevel 2, while a assault rifle needs lvl 7 to get the adjustable stock

              (which is my key-attachment in assault rifle), to get a little along with SMG-players.

              Also the sniper-gameplay has no chance against any smg player, just because of the too-slow-zoom. It is just unfair when the only way to beat an smg with a sniper is a first sec. kill (or camping, which i will never get used to). So my wish would be to add the quickdraw attachment for snipers for better quickscoping.


              So please nerf that smgs to make that great pool of assault rifles an other weapons more worth to play.