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    Nuketown Zombies issue. READ!!!

      So I buyed the Black Ops 2 pre-ordered version of the game, and I know it only comes with Nuketown 2025. But I have a friend who DOESN´T share his account with anyone else, and we´re now sharing it. He has Nuketown Zombies in it, and I´ve downloaded it and installed it.


      So the thing is... why on Earth can´t I play it? It´s installed, as well as the themes and everything. But for some reason, it´s not in the menu.


      Have Treyarch banned this map for Normal Black Ops 2 CD´s? Please don´t tell me this guys only think about money and are OBLIGATING us to buy either the Season Pass or the Hardened Edition to play this map, because I´d feel robbed. I´m buying the Season Pass either way, but come on! It´s installed on my system, and I´ve done it multiple times. Why doesn´t it show up?


      Fix this thing, Treyarch. I hope you get this worked on.


      I´m a huge fan of yours, but I´m no fool. Show you love more your community than the money.