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    nuketown 2025 auth code problem

      when trying to enter in the code it kept asking me to download now so after i clicked it twice(it came up again after i hit it the first time) and then i figured i probably shouldnt keep clicking this so i hit B and then brought me to my active downloads and it said my download was pending so i waited for about 5 minutes(but idk if its normal for everyone or not but my xbox when ever it goes to pending it freezes and dont finish it so i normally cancle it and restart it) and that is what i did i cancled the download and re entere it only to find out that my code has already been used. is there anyway for them to see what systems the code has been used on or how many times its been used etc? im hoping im able to get a new code for the map... would i get the nuketown 2025 with the season pass along with the zombies version? or no? any responses would be helpful