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    Elite prize Fail - Reddit

      So, sadly I fell into the trap of an Elite subscription for MW3, paying for "premium services" and so on when really i get the same shitty customer service as always. Anyway on the 23rd of January I signed up for one of the elite events (https://elite.callofduty.com/compete/operations/view/572) A capture the flag event; whoever caught the most flags in 3 hours wins a Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack (RRP: £160/$200 roughly).

      So the event finished! palms, brow, sack all slightly sweaty after an epic 3 hours of hardcore scrubbyness and i refresh the page to see I won, WHOOOP! In my sweaty Fanboy state the day after I create a ticket because ive not had a response, heres what I got:


      So i read through the T&C's again to find out what happens next and it turns out i should have waited:

      " In general, it can take up to 7 days to verify all winners. If you have won, please be patient while the Pathfinders verify all potential winners." (MW3 forums, Beachhead)

      Now we all know how bad activision are at keeping to schedule so I sit back and wait. So 10 days later id i'm still waiting for my email, I decide its time to take action! I grabbed my phone and called the support line (based in the USA so it costs me a fortune as i'm from the UK!) Anyway after 10 minutes of terrible hold music I get through to a rep. I explain that I have had no email and would like to give them my details so they can ship my awesome prize that I deserve.

      Anyway he rambles on for 5 minutes explaining its not down to him and I need to emailcallofdutyeliterewardsupport@activision.com and request my prize, so I did, on a number of occassions...


      As you can see i sent a total of 7 emails (Suman.basra replied every time with a generic answer which i deleted; Sorry!!!!) Anyway this went on for weeks!

      I phoned customer support like clockwork and eventually nearly 2 months on I got through to a chap called Dustin, guys a legend and really helpful! Here's the ticket they started for me (read each picture bottom to top)

      http://i.imgur.com/rMtEs.png http://i.imgur.com/I9JlU.png http://i.imgur.com/P3naq.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/TNVWa.png

      So finally after 2 months of waiting i get my confirmation email, i fill it out like its made of gold and post! im overjoyed finally i get my bag!!!!1!11!1!

      ....or not....

      I woke up this morning after sending my details on the 18th of march to find this email in my inbox:


      Heres my Rage-ply on my original thread


      I read and slowly fill with rage, the moment i finished posting to my thread I had my phone in hand calling activision support once more! time for a can of woop-ass!

      the call went something like this:

      Stupid hold music

      Rep: Hello your through to customer support this is Herp speaking how can i help you today?

      Me: Hi, I would like you to re-open a ticket that i started a while back, its the one in my account about a prize not being received. *reads the thread aloud :\ *

      Rep: Ok well what we can do is send you the bag and hoodie if thats ok?

      Me: ermmm no? I won the event over 2 months ago, I won an Oakley bag and i want that bag, I played fairly and you have no reason to deny me the bag, if you dont have it in stock id like you to order another/give me something of equal value

      Rep: Im sorry but we dont order stock in of that anymore

      Me: right well ill take some A40's then please, you give them away on a regular basis so surely you've got a set lying around (rage slowly building inside me)

      Rep: Sorry but we cant give out alternate products

      Me (in an angered state): Right well ive been patient and polite and now frankly im massively pissed off! I've put up with your shitty customer service, ive phoned you 5/6 times now which has probably cost me more on my phone bill then your pathetic bag and hoody are worth and im not taking no for an answer, go and tell your manager hes got an angry customer who wants his prize! Your customer support is pathetic, and ill make sure that i spam my story everywhere until i get a reasonable reply from you...

      Rep: Ok ive bumped your thread for you and we will be in touch, is there anything else we can do for you

      I put the phone down before i murder the guy at the other end

      So, the reason for this thread.

      1) To shed light on just how **** a service Elite is, I paid £100 for the game at midnight on release, I have purchased every COD game, every map pack and every year i get a T-Shirt to be extra nerdy! in return for my loyalty and love for activision I get **** service, **** resolutions and no prize when I win one (L)

      2) Hopefully this will blow up (fingers massively crossed) and Activision will see this, not only allowing me to win my argument with them but also to hopefully better their customer service as a overall result!

      and most importantly...

      3) To stand up and fight a company that has done this to dozens of people, I have spoken to 3/4 prize winners in the same boat and its sickening! a company worth billions cant even send a prize worth pennies to them to loyal deserving customers!

      Please Guys & Gals get this viral for the sake of past present and future elite prize winners! you never know one day you could be one yourself and have the same shitty time I am.

      Much love,

      Reece Malt AKA MaltYz_

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          Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

          No substitutions or exchanges (including for cash) of any prizes will be permitted, except that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize.

          That is in the Terms & Conditions which you agreed to when you entered the operation.

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              Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

              Ok, so its fine for them to offer me a lesser prize after 2 months of sh1t service but its unreasonable for me to ask for something else?


              Great logic....

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                  Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

                  You don't decide the balue, they do cause they sell them... Anyways, at least they were helpful enough to eventually fix a glitch that happened  by you not recieving their email (Which may or may not have been their fault. So long as they had record that they sent the email it wouldn't be their fault if you didn't respond). According to the logic of their TOC if you didn't respond to the email within 14 days they had the right to give the prize away to a charity of their chosing and you would automatically forfeit your prize.

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                  Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

                  Ok, so its fine for them to offer me a lesser prize after 2 months of sh1t service but its unreasonable for me to ask for something else?


                  Great logic....

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                  Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

                  "Rep: Ok ive bumped your thread for you and we will be in touch, is there anything else we can do for you."


                  What more could you ask for? After all, they did

                  bump your thread



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                    Re: I got F'd in the A by Elite!

                    It took you over 2 months for that.. wow. Just... wow, I'm starting to get scared. What if it takes Activision over 2 weeks to get my rank back over this stupid derank glitch? I've done my fair share to tell my friends about this game and support it by getting Elite. If they can't help me back this will be the last Activision game I ever by, same goes with my friends. I'm trusting you Activision..

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                      Re: My opinion on Elite

                      I won a hat in the very first competition it took me 4 months to get it, legit I just got it wednesday. I didn't rage like this... I'd say calm down it's just a bag but whatever.

                      I understand it's totally **** service but all this over a bag?

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                        Re: My opinion on Elite

                        These competitions are technically free, as the primary value of Elite Premium is in the map packs.  With that said the competitions and the prizes are of peripheral value to Activision.  As such if something were to happen to your prize (exc out-of-stock as in your case) Activision need only give sufficient compensation (bag and hoodie).  Be happy you at least got something.


                        By the way, looking around these forums I feel as I'm the only guy that's actually satisfied with Elite. For me, the map packs were more than worth the value, but Elite TV just took it over the top.


                        Last Christmas I wanted to spend the money I saved in one of two ways: either getting both Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (and all the DLC) as well as Chrono Trigger, or get CoD Elite.  I chose the latter.


                        Did not regret my decision one bit.

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                          Re: Elite prize Fail - Reddit

                          I can see why you're pissed, but you have no right to complain. Yes, the time it takes to recieve an e-mail is disgraceful, but the alternate prizing, is completely fair. The T&Cs state that they reserve the right to substitute the prize. I took part in a TDM op in which I won one of these bags, and I got the same e-mail issue as you, and also had an e-mail telling me that I would be recieving a hoodie and messenger bag instead. I didn't complain one bit. Why? Because in the end, it's free stuff. The only real reason most people pay for elite, is the maps, which means the competitions are practically a free bonus. With a decent quality hoodie and bag, the value of them would come to around £70. If you pay £35 for elite, and consider competitions the reason you payed, then you've already made a theoretical profit of £35, and if you only paid for maps, and consider ops a free bonus, then thats a theoretical profit of £70. Just be glad they have the kindness to run these competitions in the first place and give people a chance to win the prizes.

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                            Re: Elite prize Fail - Reddit

                            how can they run out of stock on a single prize surely they must have had the prize to start with to offering it?

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