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    Amaze Gaming is now officially recruiting! (PSN)

      About Amaze Gaming

      (A)maze (G)aming is a clan for all types of gamers. We plan to be a domiant PSN clan. We are looking for people who play the game correctly. We are a gaming community that appreciates the Call of Duty series. You don't have to be a "hard core" gamer to join. We are both competive and recreational. AG divids its members up into districts/groups. Here you will communicate with the same gamers and build a bond of team work. AG also works with a rank system. As you assess yourself to the clan you will advance up the ranking system. Since we are a newer clan we need members!


      Leadership Role

      Amaze Gaming is searching for leaders. We need people who can be on daily and help move it along smoothly. Amaze Gaming is currentyl inactive on gamebattles.com, Call of Duty Elite, and more. We're looking for leaders who we can trust. Trust is a large part in all leaderships roles. All leaders must show true leadership skills. Show us their dedicated to Amaze Gaming. We need leaders who have free time during the weekends, and some on the weekdays. We are mainly looking for people to help keep this clan active. We need people to arrange clan battles, play with members, and recruit. Amaze Gaming is growing daily, but also losing many of its recruits. So if this shows any interest message me or message on PSN.(Amaze_RaGE) Here are some qualifications.


      1: Gamebattles Account

      2: Elite Account (Free)

      3: Amaze Gaming Account

      4: Email Address (Just for clan)

      5: Communication Device

      Website: http://www.amazegaming.moonfruit.com

      Youtube channel: Coming Soon

      Twiiter: Coming Soon

      Facebook Page: Coming Soon


      For any questions please leave a comment or send me a message.

      Form is only checked twice a day!




      Tryouts are in Kill Confirmed or SND check our website for more details!





      To all interested gamers, we are not an all serious clan. So anyone wanting to get sponsored, please leave this thread, so guys its for the fun of the game, we will go as far as gamebattles.


      Message one of on the following if interested.

      - Amaze_RaGE

      - Amaze_WhiTeBoii