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Have beaten the easter egg twice now and was kicked out of the game as soon as i beat the boss and both times i was given memory error 2 409 twice. This is extremely frustrating as i want the achievement and the rewards for beating that map. This is absolutely ridiculous that first off i couldn't get the camos and from the camo hunt challenges even though i completed them, and now i can't get the achievement for beating the boss. Fix the *****ing game. I have recorded muself getting kicked out of the game twice now as proof.

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Same thing keeps happening to me what the ***** is wrong with this game

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Activision and Sledgehammer is what's wrong..


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I have as well had this happen to me twice. I just got done doing the Easter egg solo in a custom game and it happened as soon as I killed the boss and I got this error. I thought it was just a bug so tried the Easter egg yet again. Made it to the boss killed him and as soon as it happened it kicked me and showed the error again. At this point I really don't wanna do the Easter egg again and wish sledgehammer would just give me the rewards and the achievements. It's BS that their game is broke and won't let me complete the Easter egg...

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