zombie ( last reich) textures are black

World War II Support

I came back to ww2 recently because i bought a new gpu (vega 56) and 30fps in low before was horrible ^^
but i have this probleme


So i check the file with steam,nothing , run again same probleme
Next i downloaded the game again , run and the same

I check the other map zombie ( Groesten Haus) no probleme, then the multiplayer nothing to.
I made a clean installe of my driver before switching my card so it's not the driver.


For now it's the first time i had this probleme


i5 3470
rx vega 56
8Go ram(ddr3 1600mhz)

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So, i know this is an old post but I have the exact same issue with this map.

Vega 64

i5 6600k

16gb ram DDR4 2400mhz


Maybe it's a problem with Vega cards? That seems to be the linking factor between us. I never had this issue with my Rx 580

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Yo, I'm having the same problem. 

Vega 56
R5 2600 @4ghz 
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz

can someone help maybe?

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i have vega 64 and ryzen 5 2600, and i have this problem since driver radeon 18.7.1

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I am also having this exact issue.

Sapphire Vega 64 Reference card with 19.10 drivers.
i7-4790k CPU
16Gb RAM

This is the only game I have issues with. Rolling back drivers that are over a year old helps but occassionally the issue still happens. I don't want to use outdated drivers just for a single game.

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