i keep getting kicked out of my game in zombies and it says memory error 15633 then freezes

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as the header says, i get a message saying memory error 15633 and cod ww2 freezes after playing only a few waves of zombies and being kicked from play. how do i remedy this?


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Hey there NephilumKILLER6,

Sorry to hear you are coming across this issue. I'd like to give you an update and let you know hat Studio is aware of this issue in regards to the mermory error's and are currently looking into a fix for it. Please be sure to stay tuned for updates. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Best regards. ^JW
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You've known about it for weeks and it still keeps happening. Its started with the Shamrock and Awe update. How about you just remove the update until you know it will work properly. I paid $60 plus $50 for season pass and I got a broken piece of trash right now. Don't tell us your aware of the issue FIX IT!

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this is taking way too long i cant even go to wave 6 i always get kicked out ho much longer

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The past few months i have been waiting for this to be fixed it STILL has not been fixed?

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Any idea how much longer this will be
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That crap it still happens all time I tell what I think u need not have that crap at all I been in high rounds and some dumb a!! Get mad and doesn’t want u taking all points I not going buy this crap I work hard and just want to play dam gam and y cod 4 has online and doesn’t even need other play ww2 can’t get points offline or  private match 

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Ive now finished the tag der toten easter egg four times in public matches. Each time ive been booted straight back to the lobby immediately after the first part of the cutscene plays. Nikolai tells the bois theyre friends and then i get kicked. No achievement, no xp, no plasma or whatever its called; just 2 - 3 hours down the drain. Ive played zombies since the very first map on world at war and ive spent a ridiculous amount of money buying games and dlcs supporting this content just to be screwed now by achievements i cant get and maps i cant finish. fix your ***** please.

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I keep getting kicked from my zombies on ww2 memory error 0 2878 and some other code but constantly getting kicked . spent a lot of money on this game and this is ridiculous . me and my friends can't even play for 20 min without getting kicked . 

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