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You will get an email with a code that you can redeem on Xbox store for the beta. Ps4 is getting two weeks because it is playstation 4 exclusive

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Ok thanks. When will I get the email? Like did others already get the token?


I kinda regret buying WW2 for Xbox, as I'm much better on PS4.


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how long before the beta did you get the token on ps4? redeemed my code a week or two ago and with it only being 48 hours away, id rather pre download before it is released

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i enterd my received code from gamesonly, why is the CODE ALREADY REDEEMED ? 



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Xbox is suppose to receive an email and Playstation is a sponcer of COD so that's why they get 2 beta's

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I pre-ordered it on my Xbox live store and it won't let me access it! What am I doing wrong? Also why is it only showing beta on the deluxe edition. I pre-ordered it again from GameStop as well for my other system and it haven't got an email either I don't want to miss out on beta! 

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I wont pre order till Friday am @ 3-4am. Is this too late? Please tell me no. I would like to enjoy my weekend off playling beta! @FalconR6 please inform me asap! Via contact @removed by moderator for your privacy)

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As long as the beta goes.... you will still be able to redeem codes to play the beta.

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Based on the above i believe a number of us are in the same boat. We redeemed a code (mine was 12 characters) into the account page here on activision and we recieved nothing in return (No XBOX 24 character input for download on the console). To specify, i recieved my code from Comcast. 


Confirmation on this point would be helpful; once we are at this step as mentioned above, we should expect an email from Activision with our XBOX download code. 



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Do you have any info on why I can't download the beta it's in my games to download I start the download and randomly stops at different percentages. Then I have to cancel it and restart it. It's a never ending cycle except it stops at different spots each time.

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