Im master Prestige 508 in Zombies but my master prestige camos are still locked? Please HELP!

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I am currently Master Prestige 508 in Zombies. However my Master prestige weapon camos still show as locked. For example the camo "Bengal Beige" says it unlocks at Master prestige 56 which I am well past.Same goes for "Dangerous Sterling" at 200, "Reptilian Oak" at 400 and "Blood Tiger" at 500

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Hi there, sorry to hear your having this issue! It seems like either a bug or glitch, i recommend that you head over to Official Activison Support for further assitance to see if they can help you some more with this issue. I will leave the link down below, i hope this helps, feel free to ask anymore questions and have a great day.


Official Activison Support:

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