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I have a 13 day login streak, not a day missed since launch, and that’s only worth 140 action credits with a x3?! That’s lame. When does it start becoming worthwhile to keep logging in? With collections costing upwards of 15,000 and no way to reasonably get credits why’s the point??

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Hi, i normaly get 120 credit x 3 each day i'm connecting on PC. You can collect 100 more credit every 4 hours in the mail headquarters, and get 250 credit from some daily orders. I also got 3500 credit from reaching level 10 social. You can also get the items you need for the collection you want in supply drop.


Collection are not suppose to be easy to get, but i still maneged to get 4 of them at this point. 

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I get about the same. 140 armory credits x3 pretty much everyday. But I did notice on day 12 I got 1500 armory credits and on day 22 another 1500. I don't know why on those days I got more. I don't understand whatever system they have going for the daily login bonus. I do think that the amount you get should be a little more than the day before or at least the week before. Most of my supply drops give me duplicates of things I have already recieved so I hardly care about those anymore. 

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I too as well have been logged in since launch and I am seeing a decrease in points yesterday I got 275 and today I got 260?? And once while I was playing my reward was giving and I received 290. What's with that?? Can the multiplier be more than 3? And why wasn't sledgehammer more prepared for this! Smh too many problems on the daliy

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As of today I've given up, it's pointless, there's 14 days left of the Resitance, and I needed 33,000 credits to complete the collection. Fired it up after the update and they added another 5 pieces to the collection. I am ploughing the hours into the game, it's the only game I've had where my Mrs said 'when is this game going to end?' All I ever get from the supply boxes are duplicates, or those crap cards you already have but with gold around them!!! (That's super lazy from sledgehammer) 

I get the daily log in plus the x multiplier, I think you can get about 900 credits from the daily's, plus a few trash credits you can pick up for the duplicates, there is 13 days left of the resistance and I need 131,425 credits, that's around 10,000 credits a day. Whoever designed this needs a good kick in the neck. 

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I have 41 days and get 575 in coins. they need to fix this crap. Just like the sipply boxes that you get after a match I never receive one. 

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You think that’s bad? I’ve hit 107 consecutive days and to this day still get 375 armory credits.
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@ShortTortoise wrote:
You think that’s bad? I’ve hit 107 consecutive days and to this day still get 375 armory credits.

Same here

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i just got 87 login streak but missed yesterday so im back at 1 im upset

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