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There are events such as resistance and winter siege and within those events are collections for weapons and uniforms.Once that event ends you are no longer able to use armory credits to unlock those weapons and outfits.If the season ends and you open many many supply drops and eventually unlock all of the needed pieces for the set you wanted to unlock you are still not allowed to unlock it.I am requesting that when the event ends, and you unlock the rest of the pieces to the set you want through the supply drop system that you are still allowed to redeem your reward from that event.Because I was working on finishing the “Resistor” Volkssturmgewehr during the resistance event and the event ended. Later on i was opening supply drops and acquired the last piece i needed for the set. But I cannot redeem the set and get my reward because the event ended. Please take my request into heavy consideration!

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Your kind words have open AV's heart and we will grant your request on or about July 2, 2019

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