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We have 2 PS4's at our house and both stall out when trying to connect to COD WW2 servers. Getting error code 36988. I've tried setting a static IP at router and PS4, reinstalling game, and endless connection attempts. This problem appeared slowly a couple of weeks ago, started by taking longer to connect to a lobby, then dropped connections, then no connections at all and error 36988. Super frustrating. All other games connect to lobbies without problems. Can anyone advise me on a solution?

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I’m running into the same issues. I’m able to launch BO4 just fine as well as other games. It isn’t my internet or my PS4. This is a server issue no doubt. So ridiculous!

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Having exactly same issue. Checked ISP and all the required doors are open, static IP, port forwarding, reinstalling game, reseting everything, none of these solutions worked. Other errors also mentioned when trying to login are: 4128 (F M), 4144 (EF M), 4220 (letters CDEFG and M or M P), 36988 (CDEFGM P), 69756 (CDEFG M Q), and 102524 (CDEFG M PQ). Waiting your support (Actvision) to help us to fix this issue. Thks.
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I have been legit having the same issue on my Xbox one. Started a few weeks ago with slow errors. Now I can’t even connect at all. I have been trying for at least a week or two. I have tried all of the things listed above. Nothing helped and activistion won’t reply to any of my requests. A little disappointing after I have drained hundreds into their games............ All other games run very well, just not WW2! Fix this or give me my money back.... 

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exatly, give me my money, dickheads
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