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The recent update of adding the Maddox and Strife Mastercraft Cammos for 2000 COD points is absolutely disgraceful on Treyarch's behalf, as well as proven greed and money grabbing. If by some miracle chance this post is not deleted, I strongly urge this community to strongly protest this unethical practice. The Strife master craft cammo was offered as a Game Stop exclusive pre-order incentive. I personally did not pre-order this game from Game Stop therefore I do not have a bias. Its about the principle behind this matter. This action is a spit in the face of Game Stop, the players who pre-ordered the game from them, as well as the entire community. The Maddox mastercraft cammo was "accidentally" added, then removed from the game, WEEKS ago, even after players had already worked to unlock it. Now Treyarch is trying to RE-SELL both cammos, for approximately $20. This is an absolute outrage. We as the loyal Call of Duty fan base cannot, and MUST NOT allow this. Treyarch needs to rectify this greedy money grab immediately, and cease future unethical practices like this from ever occuring again. Absolutely disgraceful Treyarch. The community needs to ban together to put a stop to this micro pay madness before it totally ruins the entire game.

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