Ww2 *****ed up with ranked play

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There is no fun in this game, I waited specifically to play ranked and now being my skill level I have to lose because I play with randoms with no mics? ***** is pathetic. Let us play with friends.

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I agree with the fact that we should be able to play with our friends but you do have to understand why they are doing it. The main problems in ranked in my opinion is the matchmaking which is inevitable with the first season as it has to give us our mmr and so can be a bit RNG however the main problem that needs to be sorted is balancing, imo assault rifles should be no better than the stg as his gun is pretty good up close and good at medium to longer ranges, this would put assault rifles in line with the ppsh which is the best smg. To do this they should nerf the bar and fg so they are not the best guns by a mile(they also require the least skill like all full-auto assault rifles).

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