What weapon should I unlock? Fairly new player

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What kinds of guns do you prefer to use? If you have any examples from past games that'll help us help you

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Type 100, FG42, STG44

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Impossible for us to say without knowing how you like to play.

My advice? Pick one that is a high unlock, no use wasting it on something you will quickly unlock on your own.
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If you like smgs the M128 Thompson is a good 1 but its high fire rate and high recoil, but don't unlock a low rank weapon or you will waste the unlock token

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BAR. Just because it's level 52.


That said, I used my first 2 prestige tokens on Gunslinger and Primed, the basic training items are more important then weapons IMHO. My go to gun is STG-44 and you have that unlocked in literally a few good games, keep the first automatic levelled up so you can use it to level 15 and you're set.

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I tried the BAR but I can't seem to get kills with it

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I do ok with it but I have loaded it with attachments.


I use infantry - primed - QD/Reflex/ext mags/steady aim




Armoured - primed - QD/Reflex/Ext mags


They nerfed the rate of fire in the latest patch though.


FG42 was a good choice as well but they have nerved that pretty hard as well. My main go to is still STG-44, in basicly the same configurations as above, or sometimes with rapid fire instead of steady aim. Very consistent gun. Just for HC modes I swap steady aim with adv rifling.

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Let's first start with the real question no one is asking !
unlock with the basic level up token you get or unlock with your prestige token ?

Basic level up token - use them on whatever you like, or would like to try out to see if it fits your style of play.
They all go Bye-Bye once you prestige if you didn't know ?
Prestige token - Think this one throughly to what you'll use it on ! Don't use it on low level item's !

Fairly all around weapons to use in the game are Assault & SMG's, try them all out, you have plenty of time getting tokens to do so before prestige & once there you should have a idea which weapon fits your game play better.
Another bonus like a prestige unlock token is if you prestige a division you get that prestige weapon that's forever unlocked to use whenever even right after level prestige, so don't waste a prestige token on those division prestige weapons you get !


You'll get a basic token every level you go up, over 50 levels in this game before prestige = 50 tokens, like I said plenty of time to figure out what you like & your style of play.

There's some obvious items theres no need to waste the basic tokens on, since you know what they are from other COD games or just not your style for basic training.

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I wanted to waste my weapon unlock prestige token on a mp40 but it wouldn't let me

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