What LMG do you prefer to use?

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What are your preferences in LMG category? 

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The Lewis is the best.
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MG42 !! The scourge of Infantry everywhere.

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I have taken it upon myself to try to get good with just lmgs within my group. The lewis has been quite rewarding in mid to long range battles. The mg 15 seems to be an all arounder, kinda okay at all things. 

The bren is a hard hitting beast if you can keep most of your enconters mid range, two hits usually gets it done. 

My overall favorite is the mg42 it may not hit as hard as the bren but with rapid fire and extended clip i enjoy getting into most situations. 

Two things to remember: 

1) using the armored division bipod helps hold down choke points

2) if you dont use the bipods i recommend using the infantry division for the extra attachment and clip

The last thing ive discovered to enjoy is the hunker basic training, alot of grenades out there and its helped me in many situations. 

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99% of the idiots playing this game don't even know what the **** an LMG IS.

This game should be called Call of Duty: Submachine Gun Monkey Edition

The next time I die from anything other than an SMG in this game will be whenever I get quick scoped. That's about all there is in this game.
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That's odd. In another thread you were just complaining about campers.

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MG-42 , I use the most
MG-15, is close to being like the MG-42 for overall performance & handling
Lewis, 3rd in line
Bren, last just too slow for me.
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Sometimes I put on MG42 for giggles. With steady aim and ext mag and just spray people LMAO.


I use armoured a lot but not in the LMG setting. It's very usefull when you play objective based modes as it takes far less grenade damage and is not affected by shellshock and flash grenades.



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