This generation will never be satisfied

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Your too simple.  Why should we be satisfied with a recycled engine? WW2 is a MW2 facelift.  The network still has issues when playing in a party that they STILL can’t fix after multiple updates. This game is almost unplayable with friends.


Stop being a loyal dedicated socialist. (In the sense that you think the game is brand new and you love the fact that Activision invests in recycled engines)

A whole lot of engines are recycled and updated engines. 

Unreal engine for example. Around 20 years old. We are in the 4th generation know.

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Thanks Obama

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Kids today have no patience they want instance gratification. Cannot understand the complexity of severs and millions of people trying to connect and play at once.

I hear thumb sucking helps this

Reno Raines
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sure they dont understand.. but they expect a multi million dollar company releasing a game that runs on dedicated servers too?


if the servers aren't proper thats on the company, if its too hard for them to do there job then they shouldnt be doing it.


on that note i have to say servers were running fine last night for me. I just dont like to see someone defending server issues, they have over a decade of experience theres no excuse for it.

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@Reno Raines wrote:

Kids today have no patience they want instance gratification. Cannot understand the complexity of severs and millions of people trying to connect and play at once.

I hear thumb sucking helps this

LOL! “People Want Instant Gratification”?!? Your using that in the wrong context. That idea applies to when people want a result with unreasonable expectations like eating a salad and expecting to lose 20lbs in a week, working out twice and expecting to get a six pack, starting a business and expecting to make 6 figures in three months. It does not apply to expecting a company to perform and deliver on a  product as advertised. Defending a company that basically delivers the same copy and paste game slightly reworked and with a new theme every year to bear some responsibility and do what they say. The game is still broken going into week three and your talking about “INSTANT GRATIFICATION”, LOL! You don’t even understand what that means.


How is that a brand new game to the market, “Fort Nite Battle Royal” can drop 100 players on a map that makes HQ look tiny and a game not suffer the same issues and it’s FREE!


COD is a decade old and it’s basically the same game every year. So what do they do, the go cheap on servers and infrastructure, choosing profit over performance.


By your logic, applying the idea of “Instant Gratification” to every situation where someone complains, no company anywhere would need to have any responsibility to anyone for any advertised product ever. If that is true, I have a bunch of stuff I would happily sell you, you interested?

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It's funny how you speak for all people. You have no clue how old everyone is, they can easily be kids, teenagers, adults, it's not all about "this generation", you can't be that full of yourself to speak like that, honestly. The reason why people are complaining and are upset is because there was a major hype for this game, a whole year long, and yet they bring us a game full of mistakes and bugs. The easiest fixes takes them forever and it shouldn't be like that. 

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America has become the land of crybabies, so soft.

Reno Raines
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Good (not great) game but the connections for me are horrible! On average I’m running 45-55 mbps Upload and 5 DL and a 25 ma ping but I’m getting owned by people skipping around the map! Pre aiming doors cause I hear their footsteps shoot first 4-6 shots only to have them from sprinting snap on me and have all day to see me in the killcam and sometimes I barely even get a shot off in killcam! I have tons of saved video clips that I have went back to watch and it is so frustrating knowing I died but should of had the advantage! The last two CODs were the worst! Then when I do get a good connection lobby and own it a game or two, the SBMM that Condrey say isn’t there magically throws me in a laggy sweat fest lobby! Many big Youtubers have expressed this! Mark of J even tweeted something about it the other day! This game will die off after the holidays.

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