Takes too many bullets for kill on hardcore!

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I seriously don’t understand why you guys constantly treat hardcore players like *****! People who play with shotguns get priority over everything. So does the snipers as well, I’ve seen so many times where people shouldn’t even have gotten a kill with the sniper but they get! What the ***** is wrong with this broken ass game! ***** this piece of *****! Besides how come we don’t have kill confirmed either? I understand the developers are campers themselves but Gooooooood daaaaaammmmnnnn!!!! Give us something bruh!

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Shotguns get priority over everything?


Have you tried using one in anything else then HC? It's like walking around with a peeshooter.


It has always been that HC modes completely remove weapon balance.and then some guns get better than others.


Sniper rifles are a bit more rare because SVT and M1 fulfill that role better in HC.

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