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They’re too powerful and easy to abuse, tone em down.

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They have always been too powerful. The problem is that they chose to give incendiary rounds to a gun that is used for cheap camping and 1 shot kill close quarter tactics so if it doesn't kill you with the first shot, you burn to death. Who thought of this? They honestly need fired forgiving it to shotguns. (no pun intended)

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Have either of you actually used shotguns in this game? The effectice range of these pos guns is essentially the end of the barrel. What do yoy want them ti do? Make it so the gun shoots nerf darts at cqc? - Taking a look at the history behind the games we play
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I have prestiged all divisions many times and used all guns alot... i can safely say the shotguns are even worse this year than ever. The double barreled ones takes more than both shells very often, to put a guy down. If you find them OP, and die by them? Wow. If there was public stats on the most used and less used guns in WW2, i can guarantee the shotguns are the less used ones. Smg's outclass them by a mile. Im always top 3 with the pos shotguns, and i always do even better with smgs, and feel sorry for the shotgunners i kill. They fire 2 shells, and i just spray em down. It's insane how up they are, even with inc rounds who decrease range. Like the guy above says. Did you even use them? Try playing 5 rounds with the luftwaffe, and then with an smg. See for yourself, and really. If you get that close to a shotgunner you actually die by a OHK (which means you besically have to deep t**** the shotgun), then it's your own fault. Shotguns should excel at these ranges. And they don't. Killing shotgunners is easy prey. Shg michael condrey said on twitter theyre getting buffed. Hope thats soon. Cause rn theyre garbage. 

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Dude must be getting owned by guys like me.


I often get 18++ kills in a TDM with shotguns. Ofc its kinda depends on opposite team player skills.


Shotguns are weak af right now. I did 42 kills with a SBM on domination. I had over 28 kills with a LMG and panzerschrek combo, thats 28 kills 8 or 9 deaths or something. Surprised the heck out of me, was fun as hell aswell.


Anyway, with shotguns, often struggling in matches. And sometimes you shoot with with dragonfire from up close, and they proceed to kill you while on fire, its ridiculous beyond words.


Or sometimes youre playing some fast joe with airbone and SMB and up close he can run circles around you and you shoot you while my shotgun cant even aim at him??? THE HECK??



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