Lower rewards for daily orders?

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I just noticed that they lowered the rewards for the daily orders across the board. Where it used to be we'd get 250 social score of 300 armory credits or 20/25 minutes of XP we are now getting the following:

200 social score

150 armory credits

10 minutes of XP


What happened? Why after all this time are they now deciding to lower the rewards this much for completing the same sort of daily orders? It seems pretty lame to cut them at all especially this late in the game's life. Only 150 armory credits for 40 sniper rifle kills? Weak. Anyone have any idea why they decided to do this now?

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Well 200 social is better then the 25 they use to give, however my game had one order for 400 social 2 orders for 300 armory 2x supply drop but only one order had supply drops, and 2 orders for double xp for 20 mins

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