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Anyone else having lag issue's???

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Yes, every time I shoot an enemy, while on my screen shows my aim right on him, I'm not actually hitting them!

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Yes! I constantly ads an enemy only to get snapped on when I should have the advantage! The last two CODs are the worst! It is the worst lag compensation ever! Very unplayable! The game would be good but the lag comp is just unfair! 90% of my kills had to be from shooting them from side or back! I lose 80% of gunfights! Then when I do get to a good connection lobby, the SBMM that Condrey says isn’t there boots me because I’m owning the lobby into a lag fest where I constantly get owned by a guy skipping around the map! Game good but connections make it unplayable then go back to BO3 and drop 2/3 kid games no problem with crisp connections MOST of the time! This game will die off after the holiday season much like MWR!

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